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Una mirada a experiencias exitosas de agroturismo en América Latina

En este documento se presentan algunas de las experiencias de agroturismo ganadoras de los mencionados concursos. Estas se han dividido en tres secciones: i) rutas y tours temáticos gestionados desde lo local; ii) gastronomía, producción agropecuaria y actividades al aire...
Hernando Riveros
Adriana Lucio-Paredes
Marvin Blanco
Instituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura (IICA)

Canales y segmentos del mercado Frutas y Vegetales frescos

Su ruta comercial a través del mercado europeo El mercado minorista de la UE y EFTA para las frutas y vegetales frescos está dominado por los supermercados. Cerca del 60-90% de la producción se vende a través de los supermercados, dependiendo del producto y el pa...
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

Market Channels and Segments Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Your trade route through the European market The European retail market for fresh fruit and vegetables is dominated by the supermarkets. About 60-90% of produce is sold through supermarkets, depending on the product and country. Supermarkets are demanding customers, generally with more than...
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

Small-Scale Production of Filtered Coconut Oil in Support of the Plant Oil Stove in the Philippines

  A complete package of technology and equipment was developed, evaluated, and pilot tested for sustainable small-scale production of filtered coconut oil to support the promotion of the plant oil stove — an environment-friendly stove that uses all types of plant oil as fuel. The...
Roberto C. Guarte
The University of Queensland


The cucumber (Cucumus sativus) is a warm-season vining crop in the Cucurbit family. Cucumbers suitable for immediate consumption are referred to as “slicers,” while those for processing are “picklers.” Although there once was a large pickling cucumber industry in Kentucky,...
Brent Rowell
Tim Coolong
University of Kentuky

Manual de Cosecha y Mercadeo

El módulo de Poscosecha y Mercadeo, que a continuación se presenta, es un recurso educativo que será utilizado por docentes y estudiantes del Bachillerato Técnico Profesional en Agricultura. Este material didáctico está diseñado con el objetivo de...
Moises Castellanos
Ivanna Vejerano
Edwin Fores
Escuela Agricola Panamericana Zamorano

Does E-Commerce Help Agricultural Markets? The Case of MarketMaker

E-commerce refers to the use of the Internet to market, buy and sell goods and services, exchange information, and create and maintain web-based relationships between participant entities (Fruhling and Digman, 2000). Based on its demonstrated impact in industrial retail markets (Elia, Lefebvre,...
Carlos E. Carpio
Olga Isengildina-Massa
R. David Lamie
Samuel D. Zapata

Starting a Greenhouse Business

The greenhouse business is one of the fastest growing industries in Alabama as well as in the United States. People everywhere want their home landscapes to be colorful year-round, businesses want to be attractive to customers, and almost everyone can appreciate the beauty flowers and plants bring...
J.R. Kessler Jr
Alabama Cooperative Extension

Course on agribusiness management for producers’ associations

The module has the following objectives: To learn about market research* as a first step in business planning. To understand different types of planning and how they are applied to producers’ associations. The conceptual content of this module has been organized into two units:...
Pilar Santacoloma
Alexandra Röttger
Florence Tartanac

Ataulfo Mango in Chiapas: A Value Chain Analysis

This report examines the Ataulfo mango value chain in Chiapas, scanning across the chain and its various actors and market linkages to put observed dynamics in context and identify opportunities. The report pays particular attention to financial flows through the chain which inform other non-...
Patrick Hanemann
Nathanael Bourns
Ivana Fertziger