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Evaluating Tractor Ownership with the OwnTractor Spreadsheet

In an economic analysis, machinery ownership and operating costs often are classified into the following categories: interest; depreciation; repair and maintenance; labor; fuel and lubrication; and property taxes, insurance, and shelter (TIS). Although the timing of tax...
Kevin Dhuyvetter
Rich Llewelyn
Terry Kastens
Kansas State University

Composting of wine industry wastes and their use as a substrate for growing soilless ornamental plants

To study the process of composting of grape marc and test the resulting compost as a substrate for the cultivation of ornamental plants, six composting processes, with mixtures of dealcoholised grapevine marc and grape stalk (DM+GS) in a 1:1 ratio (v:v), were carried out in Seville (Spain) between...
E. Carmona
M. T. Moreno
M. Avilés
J. Ordovás
Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research

Vital Steps: A Cooperative Feasibility Study Guide

This guide provides rural residents with information about cooperative development feasibility studies. It defines the feasibility study and discusses their necessity and limitations. First steps in feasibility study development are described and key actions, including important components of a...
James Matson
John W. Brockhouse, Jr.
James J. Wadsworth

Assessing the Feasibility of Business Propositions

It is becoming increasingly important that producers are given the appropriate tools to succeed in value-adding initiatives as they are encourage to embark on these initiatives. This document presents a generic process for conducting effective feasibility studies. The objective is twofold: (1)...
Vincent Amanor-Boadu
Kansas State University

Marketing Concepts

Marketing is a general term used to describe all the steps that lead to final sales. It is the process of planning and executing pricing, promotion and distribution to satisfy individual and organizational needs. From this definition it is easy to see that marketing is more than just the process...
Kansas State University
Kansas State University

Weights and Processed Yields of Fruit and Vegetables in Retail Containers

Retail or direct marketing at farmer’s markets, roadside markets, stands and pick-your-own farms is an important and growing method of marketing fresh fruits and vegetables in Georgia. However, many of the containers used in the wholesale trade are not practical for direct marketing to...
S.C. Myers
Paul Corditz
Bob Westerfield
University of Georgia

Enterprise Budget Analysis

Enterprise budgets represent estimates of receipts (income), costs, and profits associated with the production of agricultural products. The information contained in the enterprise budgets can be used by agricultural producers, extension specialists, financial institutions, governmental agencies,...
George L. Greaser
Jayson K. Harper
The Pennsylvania State University

The Structure of Cooperatives

Cooperatives exist in nearly every business sector and are organized in a variety of ways. Like other businesses in our economy, they range in size from organizations with only a few member-owners to massive and complex organizations with thousands. of member-owners. The way a cooperative is...
Tammy M. Meyer

Who Runs the Cooperative Business? General Manager and Employees

Management of a cooperative is often incorrectly thought of as including only the hired manager and his key staff. This is far from the truth. Cooperative management should be regarded as a team consisting of four elements - members (owners), board of directors (elected), the manager (hired), and...
Tammy M. Meyer

Who Runs the Cooperative Business? Board of Directors

Cooperatives, as a form of business owned and controlled by the people who use it, are the same as an opera in that they, too, have several important elements needed to be successful. The most essential one is the people: Members, as the owner-users; Board of Directors, as the policymaking...
Tammy M. Meyer