Entrepreneurship, Farm Management, New Agribusinesses

The Structure of Cooperatives

Cooperatives exist in nearly every business sector and are organized in a variety of ways. Like other businesses in our economy, they range in size from organizations with only a few member-owners to massive and complex organizations with thousands. of member-owners. The way a cooperative is...
Tammy M. Meyer

Who Runs the Cooperative Business? General Manager and Employees

Management of a cooperative is often incorrectly thought of as including only the hired manager and his key staff. This is far from the truth. Cooperative management should be regarded as a team consisting of four elements - members (owners), board of directors (elected), the manager (hired), and...
Tammy M. Meyer

Who Runs the Cooperative Business? Board of Directors

Cooperatives, as a form of business owned and controlled by the people who use it, are the same as an opera in that they, too, have several important elements needed to be successful. The most essential one is the people: Members, as the owner-users; Board of Directors, as the policymaking...
Tammy M. Meyer

Export Marketing Planner: A manual on how to enter European markets

An export marketing plan (EMP) is a very useful tool for newcomers in the arena of internationalisation, as well as for entrepreneurs who already have a market presence in foreign markets. For both types of companies, it is a marketing and management instrument that helps to make sound, logical...
Klaas de Boer
Alfons van Duijvenbode
CBI - Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries

Understanding Cooperatives: Strategic Planning

The term “strategy” was first used in the military to describe the grand plan for winning a war. It is usually distinguished from “tactics” which are the plans for winning individual battles. Businesses use strategic plans to contend with their environments. These plans...
Galen Rapp
USDA/Rural Business-Cooperative Service

Fundamental Forces Affecting U.S. Fresh Produce Growers and Marketers

The U.S. fresh fruit and vegetable—produce—industry is very diverse, including over 300 products, each with its own structure at the production and first-handler marketing levels. Despite this diversity, virtually all fresh produce shares two fundamental attributes: perishability and...
Roberta L. Cook

Producing and Marketing Strawberries for Direct Markets. What Makes Direct Market Strawberry Farms Successful?

Current and potential strawberry growers need production, marketing, and financial information to make informed decisions about starting, expanding, or leaving a direct-market business. Like all business owners, their main objective should be to make a profit so their farms will be financially...
Charles D. Safley
E. Barclay Poling
Michael K. Wohlgenant
Olga Sydorovych
Ross F. Williams
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

La contratación en el comercio internacional

El presente documento ha sido elaborado como una guía rápida de aspectos básicos que un exportador debe considerar a la hora de firmar un contrato para formalizar la relación con su cliente. Confiamos en que se constituya en un instrumento de consulta permanente para...
Luis Clemente Ventura
Instituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura, IICA

Cómo escoger y negociar con un intermediario en el extranjero

Este cuaderno, denominado Cómo escoger y negociar con un intermediario en el extranjero, informa sobre los diferentes tipos de intermediarios, cómo contactarlos, cómo seleccionarlos y cómo llevar a buen término el proceso de negociación. Confiamos en que...
Daniel Rodríguez Sáenz
Instituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura, IICA

Cuaderno de costos de parcelas de frijol o maíz

Este cuaderno sirve para un solo cultivo, una sola época (primera, postrera o apante), y una sola tecnología. En el caso en que el productor esté comparando parcelas con dos o más variedades o tecnologías del mismo cultivo, deberá llevar cuadernos...
Diana Saavedra
Armando Ferrufino