Framberry S.A.

FRAMBERRY S.A. es una empresa dedicada a la producción y exportación de Frambuesas y Arandanos, en el sur de Chile, lugar que por su clima oceánico, fresco y húmedo es ideal para el crecimiento de las mejores frutas del sur del mundo.

FRAMBERRY S.A. cuenta con plantaciones que  están ubicadas en la región de Los Lagos (décima) de Chile. Las actividades productivas están centradas en la Provincia  de Osorno. El Directorio, Gerencia General y Comercial están ubicados en la ciudad de Santiago.

La empresa inició sus actividades en el año 1985 con una plantación de cuatro hectáreas de frambuesas Meeker; en los años siguientes fue aumentando su superficie hasta alcanzar en la actualidad un total de 257.1 hectáreas, de las cuales el 100% son productivas. Dentro de éstas el 93% corresponden a la producción de frambuesas, el 5.8% a la producción de arándanos y el 1.2% a mora.

El total de hectáreas que posee se divide en 14 huertos, los cuales se encuentran ubicados a lo largo de la región de Los Lagos.

En paralelo al crecimiento productivo frutícola, FRAMBERRY S.A. ha venido materializando inversiones en frigoríficos, líneas de empaque, maquinarias agrícolas, mejoramiento de huertos y otros implementos fundamentales para realizar los procesos de cosecha, producción, selección, congelamiento y almacenaje de frutas.

Podemos decir que con la experiencia, esfuerzo, inversión y  clima privilegiado, somos hoy en día una de las más importantes empresas frutícolas del país, destacando productos de alta calidad.

Oscar Barahona
Junquillar km 20 ruta 215
Phone: +56 (64) 236-934
Fax: +56 (64) 204-122
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25 Aug 2010 - 11:00am

We at Fruandex strive to produce, develop and create Dried Products with high quality standards based on Food Safety principles; providing a balanced, healthy, tasty and reliable product along with first class service, offering a real advantage for our customers.
Our freshly-made products are delivered in different forms which can be bulk, in 10 kg cartons, or retail-ready in different size sachets. We offer our own brand designs or customer design on demand.

Exportadora Fruandex Chile Ltda.
Los Conquistadores 2058
Phone: +56 (2) 658 4140
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31 Jul 2014 - 7:44am
Frutas Doce Mel

Innovating in the production of fruit since 1990, Doce Mel produces the best Brazilian Papaya Papaya and Gold Extra Sweet Pineapple and sells melons, grapes, watermelon and passion fruit without seed.

BR 101 - Km 36
Mamanguape, PB 58280-000
Phone: +55 83 3292-2944
Fax: +55 83 3292-4553
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28 Jan 2011 - 2:17pm

The company, in the begining, had one processing plant producing mainly dried plums.
From 1990, FRUTEXSA started an investment plan, in infrastructure and plantations,
with the purpose of building a solid platform to process and market its products
in international markets.
Today Frutexsa maintains an own stock of high quality products, which are processed and exported during all year, according to demand in different markets.
The effort displayed over years, has been reflected in the obtained results, achieving to
place Frutexsa as the major dried fruit exporter in Chile.

Antonio Molina
Avda. Luis Pasteur 5280 Of. 403 Vitacura
Phone: +56 (2) 8296000
Fax: +56 (2) 8296013
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21 Jul 2014 - 8:15pm

Established in 1992 , Fruteza has achieved a leading position in the supply of raw material for fruit juices in Brazil and in world.
Located in Dracena, west region of São Paulo State, where small and medium suppliers cultivate the best and the good quality in tropical fruits, all over the year, associating with high temperatures and the fruitful soil of the area, near to the Paraná River.
New agro techniques permits that products, like pineapple and guava, are processed for almost all longer the year.
During the fruit processing, the juice and the pulp extracted goes to centrifugation and pasteurization adjustments.
Fruteza realizes the processing quality control, since the raw material reception until the final product storage, including the CIP system of hygienization, though technical responsible on the plant.
Having received the HACCP certification, by SGS the biggest organization of verification and test in the world realized microbiologic tests by Controlbio Laboratory, recognized for technology and quality control.
Possessing a modern technology, offering to ours clients the best product, permits annual deliveries and “just in time” service.

Fruteza offers tropical quality for you.

Rodovia Comte João Ribeiro de Barros, Km 653 Caixa Postal 200
Dracena, SP 17.900 000
Phone: +55 18 3822-2001
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20 Aug 2014 - 10:47am

Quality exotic fruit direct from colombian farmers
Frutireyes is a leading colombian company offering a comprehensive range of fruits including Physalis (cape gooseberry). Passion Fruits. Tamarillo, Pitahaya, and many more. Located in Bogota southamerica focused on quality service and safe goods and competitive price. We specialise in fruitgrowing and use the lastest techniques in production. We are applying the GLOBAL GAP protocolo giving fruits of first quality for the benefit of our customers.
We have our own farms and harvestings, so we develop a rigorous control in all productive system implementing total top quality. We offer the most reliable and exquisite exotic fruits, our farm is located in a rich agricultural region, fertile fields, adequate rainfull and temperature moderated. The durability of the customer relationship is our priority.
Frutireyes can supply you with exotic fruits responding to the most demanding qualitative standards.

Carrera 125 No. 65A - 23
Bogotá, BDC
Phone: +57 (1) 253 0120
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20 Aug 2014 - 12:56pm
Functional Products Trading S.A.

Functional Products Trading S.A. is a Chilean company owned by Chilean and Argentinean capitals. It was founded to market the Chia seeds produced by Functional Product S.A., an Argentinean enterprise located in the Salta region, where the crops are grown.

Functional Product S.A. was created as an initiative from farmers who participated in the “Northwestern Argentina Regional Project”, a project sponsored by public and private U.S. and Argentinean organizations. The project was intended to identify and produce alternative crops, at an industrial scale, to improve the economy for farmers in the Argentinean Northwestern area.

The project was started in 1991; the Chia seed was chosen because of its exceptional nutritional properties.

After more than 10 years of careful seed selection, today Functional Product S.A. is the world’s largest and most effective Chia producer, with unlimited production-expanding capacity. The company has acquired considerable know-how and expertise during these last years. Currently, Functional Products S.A. produces Chia seeds in several countries: growing the seeds in diverse and far-apart areas (rather unusual for new crops) considerably reduces the risk of climate-caused contingencies.

Functional Product S.A. and Tecnobel Ltda., a Chilean marketing company, joined in the creation in Chile of Functional Products Trading S.A. to market Chia seeds for human consumption. Functional Products Trading S.A. is in charge of developing the demand for Chia seeds and by-products (oil, fiber, etc.) worldwide.

Avda. Luis Pasteur Nº 5.850, Oficina 303 Vitacura
Phone: (+56 2) 378 60 91
Fax: (+56 2) 953 69 68
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30 Aug 2011 - 2:58pm