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Building a Business Plan for Your Farm: Important First Steps

  This paper provides some detail to assist managers and other stakeholders in taking what many consider to be the first steps of putting together a formal business plan. Referring to my example business plan outline (available on the web at, this paper basically covers the...
Rodney Jones
Kansas State University

Thinking Afresh About Processing: An Exploration of New Market Opportunities for Apple Products

This report compiles the results of several studies focused on the markets for processed apple products. This research was conducted as part of a multidisciplinary project concerning the processing apple industry in the Northeastern United States. The purpose of the studies discussed in this...
Kristin L. Rowles
Brian M. Henehan
Gerald B. White
Cornell University

Guiding principles for responsible contract farming operations

  Contract farming can be defined as an agricultural production system carried out according to an agreement between a buyer and farmers, which establishes conditions for the production and marketing of a farm product or products. Typically, the farmer commits to providing agreed quantities of...
Caterina Pultrone
Carlos da Silva
Andrew Shepherd

Estudio de Mercado de Vegetales Deshidratados en EE.UU.

  Existen diversos tipos de vegetales deshidratados en el mercado, y el valor que tengan inclusive como potencial del producto para su venta, va a estar relacionado con la manera en la cual el vegetal fue deshidratado. Como es bien conocido existen 3 tipos básicos que permiten...
Oficina Comercial de ProChile en Washington, DC.

Estudio de Mercado Snacks de Fruta Deshidratada EE.UU.

  EE.UU. es uno de los mayores consumidores de snacks en el mundo alcanzando el año 2010 ventas al detalle por una suma de casi 64 mil millones. Dentro de esta última década, el norteamericano pasó de consumir 3,8 comidas diarias a 4,9 comidas, incremento el cual se...
Los Angeles y Oficina Agrícola en Washington

Consumer acceptance and marketing of irradiated foods

  Public concern about food safety has increased. Despite efforts to control food spoilage and improve safety, food microbiological hazards still exist. Meat and poultry account for a large number of foodborne illnesses and deaths; however, the amount of illness related to pathogens in produce...
Ronald F. Eustice
Christine M. Bruhn
Blackwell Publishing

Successful Family Business Transitions

  Planning for business transition or succession is a subset of the broader planning process commonly referred to as “business planning”. The business plan is intended to be a written summary of what the organization hopes to accomplish, and how it intends to accomplish those...
Rodney Jones
Kansas State University

Estudio de Mercado Chutney en Estados Unidos

Los consumidores de productos gourmet han recuperado y superado en 2010 los niveles de compras de productos gourmet del 2008. Dentro del auge de los productos gourmet en general, la categoría que incluye Condimentos, Aderezos y Marinadas es una de las mayores dentro de las ventas retail....
Oficina Comercial de ProChile en Miami

Estudio de Mercado Aceitunas verdes en conserva en Estados Unidos

Los principales proveedores de aceitunas verdes en conserva al mercado de Estados Unidos son España, Grecia, Argentina e Italia. Estos cuatro países sumados conformaron el 84,33% del total importado al mercado en el año 2010. Cada uno de los siguientes 5 proveedores desde el...
Oficina Comercial de ProChile en Miami

Italy - Fresh Deciduous Fruit Annual

MY 2012/13 Italian apple production is forecast to decrease by 13.3 percent compared to the previous year, due mainly to the freeze and heavy rains during the blooming time. MY 2012/13 pear production is forecast at 717,000 MT, a 22 percent shortfall over last season’s supply. The decline is...
Ornella Bettini