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Is an Agritourism Venture Right for Your Farm?

Agritourism activities are becoming an important component of many agricultural operations. These activities have the potential to increase farm revenues and maintain the sustainability of the industry. According the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in 2007, 23,350 farms nationwide reported that...
Stephen Komar
Brian Schilling
Jenny Carleo
Susan Colucci
Samantha Rozier Rich
Stacy Tomas
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Processed Apple Product Marketing Analysis: Apple Juice & Cider

Apple juice and cider experienced rapid market growth in the U.S. during the past few decades, but now a mature market is established. The industry faces economic pressures created by the globalization of the market, and growers and processors across the industry are trying to adapt to new market...
Kristin Rowles
Cornell University

Estudio de Mercado Granadas Procesadas en EE.UU.

  Las granadas y los productos de granada procesada continúan ganando popularidad sobre todo entre los consumidores que buscan alimentos y bebidas con niveles altos de antioxidantes (polifenoles). Las granadas además contienen sodio, potasio, hierro y fósforo. Las granadas...
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Estudio de Mercado Berries Orgánicos Congelados en Estados Unidos

  Durante los últimos 5 años, el mercado de los productos orgánicos en EE.UU. ha venido experimentando tasas de crecimiento promedio de un 15% anual. En el periodo 2006-11 creció cerca de un 70%, generando un mercado de más de 31 billones de dólares,...
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Estudio de Mercado Vinos en EE.UU.

  En los últimos 17 años el consumo de vino en los EE.UU. ha presentado un aumento continuo. En el año 2010 el consumo de vino llegó a 276 millones de cajas (i.e. 12 botellas de vino por caja, lo que suma en total 9 litros) según datos del Adams Wine Handbook...
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Fundamentals of Strategic and Tactical Business Planning

  Farmers, as other business managers, differ with regard to their long run profitability, growth patterns, and their responses to changes in the business environment within which they operate. Some farmers are challenged in a positive way by the changes that are taking place in agriculture,...
Rodney Jones
Kansas State University

Estudio de Mercado de Ingredientes Funcionales para Bebidas EE.UU.

  El mercado de EE.UU. es altamente exigente y demanda de los alimentos que consume además de buen sabor, sean nutritivos, saludables y ofrezcan beneficios fisiológicos, lo cual presenta grandes oportunidades para el segmento alimentos funcionales. De acuerdo a reporte 2011...
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Building a Business Plan for Your Farm: Important First Steps

  This paper provides some detail to assist managers and other stakeholders in taking what many consider to be the first steps of putting together a formal business plan. Referring to my example business plan outline (available on the web at, this paper basically covers the...
Rodney Jones
Kansas State University

Thinking Afresh About Processing: An Exploration of New Market Opportunities for Apple Products

This report compiles the results of several studies focused on the markets for processed apple products. This research was conducted as part of a multidisciplinary project concerning the processing apple industry in the Northeastern United States. The purpose of the studies discussed in this...
Kristin L. Rowles
Brian M. Henehan
Gerald B. White
Cornell University

Guiding principles for responsible contract farming operations

  Contract farming can be defined as an agricultural production system carried out according to an agreement between a buyer and farmers, which establishes conditions for the production and marketing of a farm product or products. Typically, the farmer commits to providing agreed quantities of...
Caterina Pultrone
Carlos da Silva
Andrew Shepherd