Frutas y Verduras Frescas - Pre-cortado, Postcosecha, Inocuidad

Damage to intact fruit affects quality of slices from ripened tomatoes

  Breaker stage fruit (cvs 901 and Bobcat) were subjected to different types of physical damage: 3 impacts of a steel ball (67 g) from a height of 33, 66 or 99 cm, 8 impacts of the ball from 99 cm, or dropping the fruit once 1 m onto a hard surface. Fruit were then held at 20 °C...
Marina Buccheri
Marita Cantwell
LWT - Food Science and Technology

Effect of Ethylene and Temperature Conditioning on Sensory Attributes and Chemical Composition of ‘Comice’ Pears

  ‘Comice’ is among the pear varieties most difficult to ripen after harvest. Ethylene, cold temperature, and intermediate (10 °C) temperature conditioning have been successfully used to stimulate the ability of ‘Comice’ pears to ripen. However, the sensory quality...
Warangkana Makkumrai
Hanne Sivertsen
David Sugar
Susan E. Ebeler
Florence Negre-Zakharov
Elizabeth J. Mitcham
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Hot water and ethanol treatments can effectively inhibit the discoloration of fresh-cut sunchoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.) tubers

  The main problem affecting the quality of fresh-cut sunchoke tubers is cut surface discoloration. Pre- and post-cutting hot water and ethanol treatments were evaluated for their potential to inhibit discoloration, color changes, and associated phenolic metabolism in tuber slices stored in...
Qingguo Wanga
Xunli Nie
Marita Cantwell
Postharvest Biology and Technology

Pre- and Post-harvest Preventive Measures and Intervention Strategies to Control Microbial Food Safety Hazards of Fresh Leafy Vegetables

  This review includes an overview of the most important preventive measures along the farm to fork chain to prevent microbial contamination of leafy greens. It also includes the technological and managerial interventions related to primary production, postharvest handling, processing...
Maria I. Gil
Maria V. Selma
Trevor Suslow
Liesbeth Jacxsens
Mieke Uyttendaele
Ana Allende
Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition

Effectiveness of Calcium Chloride and Calcium Lactate on Maintenance of Textural and Sensory Qualities of Fresh-Cut Mangos

  The effects of calcium chloride (CaCl2) and calcium lactate on maintaining textural and sensory quality of fresh-cut “Kent” and “Tommy Atkins” mangos and determination of treatments preferred by consumers were investigated. Mango cubes (1.5×1.5×1.5 cm)...
Panita Ngamchuachit
Hanne K. Sivertsen
Elizabeth J. Mitcham
Diane M. Barrett
Journal of Food Science

A Self-Assessment Workbook for Producers of Apples, Juice and Cider

As a food producer, you can make important contributions to a safe food supply by following good practices in producing and processing apples. Outbreaks of food-borne illness from fresh fruits and vegetables, and unpasteurized cider have steadily increased in recent years (7,10,15). New guidelines...
G. Baird Wireman
D. Granatstein
E. Kirby
E. Adams
Washington State University Cooperative Extension

Postharvest handling of fruits & vegetables

Appropriate production practices, careful harvesting, and proper packaging, storage, and transport all contribute to good produce quality. This publication covers postharvest practices suitable for small-scale operations, and points out the importance of production and harvesting techniques for...
Janet Bachmann
Richard Earles

Effects of 1-Methylcyclopropene and Hot Water Quarantine Treatment on Quality of “Keitt” Mangos

  The optimal 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) treatment to slow ripening of whole “Keitt” mangos, either alone or in combination with hot water treatment (HWT) (prior to or post 1-MCP) was identified. USDA-APHIS mandates that HWT can be used for control of fruit flies, but this may...
Panita Ngamchuachit
Diane M. Barrett
Elizabeth J. Mitcham
Journal of Food Science

Manejo postcosecha del plátano

El plátano verde-inmaduro y verde-maduro, está constituido principalmente por almidones y taninos. Cuando madura, la pulpa contiene aproximadamente 70 por ciento de agua, es rica en carbohidratos facilmente digeribles, contiene un bajo porcentaje de proteínas y grasas pero es...
Ciro J. Arias Velázquez Julio Toledo Hevia
Julio Toledo Hevia

Inhibición del brotamiento de tubérculos de papas nativas (Solanum sp) durante el almacenamiento postcosecha

Esta investigación evaluó el efecto de Chlorpropham (CIPC) sobre la longitud de los brotes y pérdida de peso de tubérculos de papas nativas de las variedades: Huayro Negro (Solanum x chaucha), Amarilla Tumbay (Solanum juzeepzukii), Peruanita (Solanum gonyocalix), Muro...
Frank Velásquez
Rene Mendoza
Isaac Aliaga
Agroindustrial Science, Universidad Nacional de Trujillo, Perú