Guías de Producción de Frutas y Verduras, Manuales de Horticultura

More Productive and Profitable Peach Planting Systems

Although pruning and training sys tems for apple planting systems have changed rapidly in the last 10 years, schemes for training and pruning peaches have been slow to change. The Open Center or Vase is still the most dominant system in use today in New York. This system’s requirement for...
Stephen A. Hoying
Terence L. Robinson
Robert L. Anderson
New York Fruit Quarterly

Using Sprinklers to Protect Blueberries from Spring Freezes

Many blueberry growers use sprinkler systems to protect blueberry flowers from spring freezes. Sprinklers are very effective under certain circumstances but can increase injury if used at the wrong time. Sprinklers used for irrigation do not protect below 23-24oF. If the system fails due to cold...
Mark Longstroth
Michigan State University

The annual cycle of growth of northern highbush blueberry

In the fall, blueberry bushes are dormant and ready for winter. The blueberry bush uses the clue of shorten day length in the late summer to prepare for winter. The next is lower temperatures near freezing. Freezing temperatures are the final clue and the bushes go dormant waiting for winter. As...
Mark Longstroth
Michigan State University

Manual on quality seed potato production using aeroponics

The purpose of this manual is to facilitate the diffusion of aeroponics for quality seed potato production in developing countries to improve access and lower costs. Aeroponics is a soilless method for producing pre basic potato seed. The method can produce higher yields (up to 10-times higher),...
Víctor Otazú
International Potato Center (CIP)

Manual de producción de semilla de papa de calidad usando aeroponía

El motivo de este manual es facilitar la difusión de la aeroponía para la producción de semilla de papa de calidad en los países en desarrollo con el fin de mejorar el acceso y bajar los costos. La aeroponía es una técnica de producción de semilla...
Víctor Otazú
Centro Internacional de la Papa (CIP)

Manual de papa para La Araucanía. Manejo de cultivo, enfermedades y almacenaje

Contenido: Principales enfermedades que afectan al cultivo de papa Reconocimiento y control de las principales plagas comunes en papa Enfermedades y plagas cuarentenarias Métodos de riego Cosecha de papas Almacenaje de papa Técnicas de multiplicación r...
Patricio Méndez L.
Juan Inostroza F.
INIA Chile

Broccoli Production

Broccoli is a vegetable crop that lends itself well to small-scale and part-time farming operations. This four-page publication, part of the Agricultural Alternatives series focusing on small-scale and part-time farming operations, covers broccoli marketing, production considerations, harvesting...
Michael D. Orzolek
George Greaser
Jayson K. Harper
Pennsylvania State University

Efecto de la densidad de plantación sobre el rendimiento de topinambur (Helianthus tuberosus L.) regado con aguas residuales urbanas

Helianthus tuberosus L. produce tubérculos ricos en hidratos de carbono fermentables que pueden ser usados para producir etanol. Para el destino energético el cultivo puede ser regado con aguas residuales urbanas. La densidad poblacional en un cultivo de topinambur afecta los par...
Cecilia Rebora
Horacio Lelio
Leandra Ibarguren
Luciana Gómez
Universidad Nacional de Cuyo

Growth and Yield Response of Okra Intercropped with Live Mulches

    The objective of the study was to compare the yield of okra grown under different weed management strategies. Field experiments were carried out in 2007 and 2008 cropping season at National Horticultural Research Institute, Ibadan, Nigeria. The experimental design was a split plot...
H.A. Akintoye
A.G. Adebayo
O.O. Aina
Asian Journal of Agricultural Research

Comparison of Green Grafting Techniques for Success and Vegetative Development of Grafted Grape Cultivars (Vitis Spp.)

Grafting incorporates a new grapevine cultivar onto the root system of a desired rootstock variety. Recently, many grafting methods have been used in grapevine propagation. A glasshouse trial was conducted to assess three different methods of green grafting (cleft, modified cleft & whip) using...
Ali Sabir
International Journal of Agriculture and Biology