Guías de Producción de Frutas y Verduras, Manuales de Horticultura

Integrated use of Rhizobium leguminosarum, plant growth promoting rhizobacteria and enriched compost for improving growth, nodulation and yield of lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.)

Maintenance of high bacterial population in the rhizosphere improves the efficiency of the organisms. This high bacterial population can be maintained by the application of enriched compost which supports their growth and activities. Thus integrated use of Rhizobium, plant growth promoting...
Muhammad Asif Iqbal
MuhammAd Khalid
Sher Muhammd Shahzad
Maqshoof Ahmad
Nawaf Soleman
Naeem Akhtar
Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research

Cantaloupe Production

Cantaloupes (a common American name for muskmelons) are a crop that lends itself well to small-scale and part-time farming operations. There are multiple markets for growers with 5 acres or less, and many field operations, such as land preparation, planting, and harvesting, can be custom hired....
Michael D. Orzolek
Steven M. Bogash
Lynn F. Kime
Jayson K. Harper
The Pennsylvania State University

Drought Stress Symptoms in Blueberries

Fact sheet how to recognize the symptoms of water stress and drought Blueberries have a relatively small root system that is shallow and seldom extends more than 24 inches (60 cm) into the soil. In addition, blueberries lack root hairs, small extensions that greatly increase the absorptive surface...
Mark Longstroth
Michigan State University

Training and Pruning the Citrus Trees

There are three main objectives. The first is to increase the total effective leaf area, and promote photosynthesis by exposing the leaves to light and air. If branches are well spaced and properly oriented, they have plenty of space and light. This improves the efficiency of their water use, and...
Citrus Production: A Manual for Asian Farmers
Food & Fertilizer Technology Center

Insect Pollination of Cultivated Crop Plants

In a study of the beekeeping industry, Anderson (1969) concluded that the decline in the number of colonies of honey bees from 5.9 million in 1947 to 4.8 in 1966 was attributable to the low rate of return on the invested capital. Some beekeepers have tried to increase production by moving their...
S. E. McGregor

Irrigating Blueberries

Irrigation is vital for maintaining high yields in commercial blueberries. Blueberries grow best in moist soil. Good soil moisture levels optimize both vegetative and fruit growth. Blueberries perform best when less than half of the availble water has been depleted. Blueberries are shallow-rooted...
Mark Longstroth
Michigan State University

Population density and substrate volume on tomato seedlings (Lycopersicum licopersicon Mill.)

In conventional tomato (Lycopersicum licopersicon Mill.) nurseries, with the use of trays of small cavities, the seedlings suffer physiological and morphological negative effects in response to mutual shading caused by high density of seedlings and reduction of volume for root growth, factors...
Felipe Sánchez-del Castillo
Esaú del C. Moreno-Pérez
Antonio Morales-Maza
Aureliano Peña-Lomelí
María T. Colinas-León

Densidad de población y volumen de sustrato en plántulas de jitomate (Lycopersicum licopersicon Mill.)

En semilleros convencionales de jitomate (Lycopersicum licopersicon Mill.), con el uso de charolas de cavidades pequeñas, las plántulas sufren efectos fisiológicos y morfológicos negativos en respuesta al sombreado mutuo provocado por la alta densidad de plá...
Felipe Sánchez-del Castillo
Esaú del C. Moreno-Pérez
Antonio Morales-Maza
Aureliano Peña-Lomelí
María T. Colinas-León

More Productive and Profitable Peach Planting Systems

Although pruning and training sys tems for apple planting systems have changed rapidly in the last 10 years, schemes for training and pruning peaches have been slow to change. The Open Center or Vase is still the most dominant system in use today in New York. This system’s requirement for...
Stephen A. Hoying
Terence L. Robinson
Robert L. Anderson
New York Fruit Quarterly

Using Sprinklers to Protect Blueberries from Spring Freezes

Many blueberry growers use sprinkler systems to protect blueberry flowers from spring freezes. Sprinklers are very effective under certain circumstances but can increase injury if used at the wrong time. Sprinklers used for irrigation do not protect below 23-24oF. If the system fails due to cold...
Mark Longstroth
Michigan State University