Control de Plagas Agrícolas, Manejo Integrado de Plagas (MIP), Control Orgánico Plagas

Insectos y Ácaros Dañinos a la Yuca y su Control

La yuca es una especie originaria del neotrópico, lo mismo que su cultivo; sin embargo, el lugar exacto de origen es discutible (Allem, 1994; Renvoize, 1973). Esta es la razón, según Bellotti et al. (1994), de que una gran diversidad de artrópodos registrados ataquen el...
Anthony C. Bellotti
Bernardo Arias V.
Octavio Vargas H.
Jesús A. Reyes Q.
José María Guerrero

Control of Two-Spotted Spider Mite (Tetranychus Urticae) by a Predatory Mite (Phytoseiulus Persimilis)

A mass rearing technique for the predatory mite, Phytoseiulus persimilis Athias-Henriot, was successfully developed and used in five local Agricultural Extension Centers and by two commercial strawberry growers in Korea. Currently, biological control of the two-spotted spider mite, Tetranychus...
Yong-Heon Kim
National Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology (NIAST), RDA Korea

Effect of Sex, Reproductive Maturity Stage and Trap Placement on Attraction of the Blueberry Maggot Fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) to Sphere and Pherocon AM Traps

We compared the performance of 9 cm diameter green spheres and red spheres and Pherocon AM traps, all baited with the same mixture of ammonium acetate and protein hydrolysate, in attracting blueberry maggot flies, Rhagoletis mendax Curran, of different reproductive maturity stages and sex. We...
Luís A. F. Teixeira
Sridhar Polavarapu
Florida Entomologist

Trap-Lure Combinations for Surveillance of Anastrepha Fruit Flies (Dipetera: Tephritidae

Trap/lure combinations were tested against populations of Anastrepha suspensa (Loew) and Anastrepha ludens (Loew) as substitutes for the traditional glass McPhail trap. Open-bottom, plastic traps baited with a two component synthetic lure (ammonium acetate and putrescine) caught as many and...
Donald B Thomas
Timothy C, Holler
Robert R. Heath
Elma J. Salinas
Amy L. Moses
Florida Entomologist

Pecan Pest Management: Insects and Diseases

Pecans have been grown for commercial production in Missouri for more than 75 years. Approximately 12,000 acres of pecans are managed commercially in three areas of the state: southwest, southeast lowlands and central Missouri. More than 90 percent of these commercial trees are native varieties;...
George S. Smith
Maureen H. O'Day
William Reid
University of Missouri Extension

Effect of parasitoid release pattern on whitefly (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) control in commercial poinsettia

Under commercial poinsettia production conditions we compared two patterns of parasitoid release for the aphelinid whitefly parasitoid Eretmocerus eremicus Rose and Zolnerowich. We compared the currently used pattern of a fixed weekly release number (3 females per plant per week) to an experimental...
R. G. Van Driesche
M. S. Hoddle
Florida Entomologist

Insects on Dried Fruits

Insects on Dried Fruits describes the insects that commonly infest dried or drying fruits such as raisins, apricots, dates, and prunes. Because most dried fruits are produced in California, the focus is regional, but as the authors state, "wherever dried fruits are produced, whether in the...
Perez Simmons
Horatio D. Nelson
Judy Johnson
USDA Agriculture Handbook

Potential of Field Corn as a Barrier Crop and Eggplant as a Trap Crop for Management of Bemesia Argentifolii (Homoptera: Aleyrodidas) on Common Bean in North Florida

Trap crops and barrier crops are among the cultural control methods promoted for management of Bemisia argentifolii Bellows & Perring, particularly for small farmers in the tropics. In 1996 eggplant, Solanum melongena L., was tested as a trap crop, and in 1996 and 1997 corn, Zea mays L., was...
Hugh Adam Smith
Robert McSorley
Florida Entomologist

Farmscaping to Enhance Biological Control

This publication contains information about increasing and managing biodiversity on a farm to favor beneficial organisms, with emphasis on beneficial insects. The types of information farmscapers need to consider is outlined and emphasized. Appendices have information about various types and...
Rex Dufour
ATTRA Publication

Pesticide Information and Safety

2010 Ohio Vegetable Production Guide Under the state’s Pesticide Use and Applicator law, certain pesticides are restricted and can be obtained and used only by: Applicators or public operators licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. Individuals obtaining a user’s permit...
Robert J. Precheur
Mark Bennett
Brad Bergefurd
Luis Cañas
David Francis
Gary Gao
Casey Hoy
Jim Jasinski
Mark Koenig
Matt Kleinhenz
Hal Kneen
Ohio State University Extension