Producción de Frutas y Hortalizas

Weed Management - 2010 Ohio Vegetable Production Guide

2010 Ohio Vegetable Production Guide The previous chapter “Integrated Insect, Mite and Disease Management on Vegetable Crops” developed the idea that pests should be controlled through an “integrated crop health program,” in which as many methods as possible are used to...
Robert J. Precheur
Mark Bennett
Brad Bergefurd
Luis Cañas
David Francis
Gary Gao
Casey Hoy
Jim Jasinski
Mark Koenig
Matt Kleinhenz
Hal Kneen
Ohio State University Extension

2010 Florida Citrus Pest Management Guide: Citrus Scab

Citrus scab caused by the fungus Elsinoe fawcettii affects grapefruit, Temples, Murcotts, tangelos, and some other tangerine hybrids. There is no need to control citrus scab on processing fruit, except possibly on Temples, where severe early infection reduces fruit size. Reduction or elimination...
M.M. Dewdney
L.W. Timmer
University of Florida, IFAS Extension

Cálculos básicos para fertirrigar

La fertirrigación, consiste en proporcionar a la planta el fertilizante disuelto en el agua de riego, distribuyéndelo uniformemente, para que, prácticamente, cada gota de agua contenga la misma cantidad de fertilizante. Con la fertirrigación, se entrega el "...
Marco Antonio Bello
María Teresa Pino
INIA Chile

Operacion y mantencion de equipos de riego para pequeños agricultores

El riego localizado (goteo, cintas, microaspersores y microjets), es el único que permite la aplicación diaria de agua sin provocar problemas, ya que se utilizan tuberías y mangueras para conducirla. Las cantidades de agua son las mismas que el cultivo requiere para satisfacer...
Leoncio Martínez
INIA Chile

Corrección de la Deficiencia Crónica de Zinc en Aguacate 'Hass'

En los huertos de aguacate ‘Hass’ de los municipios de Tepic y Xalisco, Nayarit, son frecuentes los niveles foliares debajo de lo normal de zinc (Zn) y la presencia de síntomas visuales de deficiencia de Zn en hojas, brotes y frutos. Esta investigación se desarroll...
S. Salazar-García
L. E. Cossio-Vargas
I. J. L. González-Durán
Revista Chapingo Serie Horticultura

Distinctive symptoms differentiate four common types of berry shrivel disorder in grape

Shriveled fruit in vineyards has several origins including sunburn, dehydration, bunchstem necrosis and the recently described sugar accumulation disorder. These disorders are often confused with one another, but they can easily be distinguished by the location or composition of shriveled fruit and...
Mark N. Krasnow
Mark A. Matthews
Rhonda J. Smith
Jason Benz
Ed Weber
Ken A. Shackel
California Agriculture

Sustainable Production of Fresh-Market Tomatoes and Other Vegetables With Cover Crop Mulches

The alternative production system described in this bulletin focuses on the winter annual legume hairy vetch (Vicia villosa L. Roth), both as a cover crop and as a mulch in a sustainable tomato production system. As a cover, vetch serves to fix nitrogen, recycle nutrients, reduce soil erosion and...
John Teasdale
Aref Abdul-Baki

Effect of parasitoid release pattern on whitefly (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) control in commercial poinsettia

Under commercial poinsettia production conditions we compared two patterns of parasitoid release for the aphelinid whitefly parasitoid Eretmocerus eremicus Rose and Zolnerowich. We compared the currently used pattern of a fixed weekly release number (3 females per plant per week) to an experimental...
R. G. Van Driesche
M. S. Hoddle
Florida Entomologist

Organic Allium Production

Alliums are a cool-season crop grown in most regions of the U.S. This publication addresses commercial culinary alliums, except garlic. A brief history of the onion is presented and some of the major varieties, growing regions, and types of bulbs are presented. Marketing and economic...
Katherine Adam
ATTRA Publication

Garlic: Organic Production

Garlic is a cool-season crop grown in most regions of the U.S. This publication addresses most aspects of organic garlic production, including seed sources, organic fertility management, pest management and harvesting and storage. Marketing and economic considerations, including enterprise...
Janet Bachmann
Tammy Hinman
ATTRA Publication