Producción de Frutas y Hortalizas

Uso de giberelinas para modificar crecimiento vegetativo y floración en mango ‘Tommy Atkins’ y ‘Ataulfo’

La concentración de cosecha afecta la comercialización del mango en Nayarit al ocasionar un desplome del precio en la época normal de producción. El objetivo fue evaluar el efecto de la aplicación de giberelinas sobre el crecimiento vegetativo y la floraci...
M. H. Pérez-Barraza
V. Vázquez-Valdivia
J. A. Osuna-García
Revista Chapingo Serie Horticultura

Effect of Sex, Reproductive Maturity Stage and Trap Placement on Attraction of the Blueberry Maggot Fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) to Sphere and Pherocon AM Traps

We compared the performance of 9 cm diameter green spheres and red spheres and Pherocon AM traps, all baited with the same mixture of ammonium acetate and protein hydrolysate, in attracting blueberry maggot flies, Rhagoletis mendax Curran, of different reproductive maturity stages and sex. We...
Luís A. F. Teixeira
Sridhar Polavarapu
Florida Entomologist

Trap-Lure Combinations for Surveillance of Anastrepha Fruit Flies (Dipetera: Tephritidae

Trap/lure combinations were tested against populations of Anastrepha suspensa (Loew) and Anastrepha ludens (Loew) as substitutes for the traditional glass McPhail trap. Open-bottom, plastic traps baited with a two component synthetic lure (ammonium acetate and putrescine) caught as many and...
Donald B Thomas
Timothy C, Holler
Robert R. Heath
Elma J. Salinas
Amy L. Moses
Florida Entomologist

Organic Pumpkin and Winter Squash Production

This publication addresses organic production techniques for winter squash, pumpkins, and gourds, including soil and fertilization, planting, weed management, insect pest management, diseases, harvest, curing and storing, and marketing. Winter squash, pumpkins, and gourds all belong to the...
Janet Bachmann
ATTRA Publication

Bacteriosis Vascular (o Añublo Bacteriano) de la Yuca Causada por Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. manihotis

  Uno de los factores limitantes de la producción de yuca es la bacteriosis vascular, más conocida como CBB (del inglés Cassava Bacterial Blight). Esta enfermedad se distribuye extensamente tanto en África como en América del Sur. Las pérdidas causadas...
Valérie Verdier
Clayuca, Colombia

Pecan Pest Management: Insects and Diseases

Pecans have been grown for commercial production in Missouri for more than 75 years. Approximately 12,000 acres of pecans are managed commercially in three areas of the state: southwest, southeast lowlands and central Missouri. More than 90 percent of these commercial trees are native varieties;...
George S. Smith
Maureen H. O'Day
William Reid
University of Missouri Extension

Controlled Rhizogenesis and Mycorrhization of Hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) Cuttings with Black Truffle (Tuber melanosporum Vitt.)

Hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) is commonly used as mycorrhizal host for Tuber melanosporum Vitt. (black truffle). Black truffle orchards have been established in and outside its natural distribution area, currently also in Chile. Hazelnut can be propagated rapidly by cuttings, which, however, may...
Rómulo Santelices
Götz Palfner
Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research

Production Guide for Organic Cole Crops

This guide for organic production of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts provides an outline of cultural and pest management practices and includes topics that have an impact on improving plant health and reducing pest problems. It is divided into sections, but the interrelated...
George Abawi
Thomas Björkman
Ann Cobb
Beth K. Gugino
Robert Hadad
Michael Helms
Christine Hoepting
Margaret McGrath
Charles L. Mohler
Anusuya Rangarajan
Anthony Shelton
Christine Smart
Cornell University Cooperative Extension

Weed Management - 2010 Ohio Vegetable Production Guide

2010 Ohio Vegetable Production Guide The previous chapter “Integrated Insect, Mite and Disease Management on Vegetable Crops” developed the idea that pests should be controlled through an “integrated crop health program,” in which as many methods as possible are used to...
Robert J. Precheur
Mark Bennett
Brad Bergefurd
Luis Cañas
David Francis
Gary Gao
Casey Hoy
Jim Jasinski
Mark Koenig
Matt Kleinhenz
Hal Kneen
Ohio State University Extension

2010 Florida Citrus Pest Management Guide: Citrus Scab

Citrus scab caused by the fungus Elsinoe fawcettii affects grapefruit, Temples, Murcotts, tangelos, and some other tangerine hybrids. There is no need to control citrus scab on processing fruit, except possibly on Temples, where severe early infection reduces fruit size. Reduction or elimination...
M.M. Dewdney
L.W. Timmer
University of Florida, IFAS Extension