Manejo de Suelos - Fertilización, Compostado, Nutrición vegetal

Soil Quality Considerations for Organic Farmers

In our drive to meet the food and fiber needs of ever-increasing populations, we are taxing the resilience of the planet’s natural resources. This fevered quest to pursue ever-increasing crop yields has had devastating impacts: widespread soil erosion, atmospheric pollution, overgrazed...
Keith R. Baldwin
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Manual del Cultivo de la Cebolla: Fertilización y Riego

El sistema radical de la cebolla es poco extendido, de escasa profundidad y densidad y pobremente ramificado. Las raíces son muy sensibles al déficit de agua en el suelo y para poder elongarse necesitan que la humedad llegue  hasta la base del tallo (Jones, 1963). Los factores...
Victor M. Lipinski
INTA Argentina

Fertilización del Cultivo de Mandioca

Algunos productores de mandioca, que entregan su producto a mercados importantes, aplican fertilizantes a base de nitrógeno y fósforo, o nitrógeno solo, sin tener en cuenta las necesidades reales del cultivo y el suelo. La fertilización con nutrientes principales como...
Santiago A. Barbona
INTA Argentina

Compost Utilization for Erosion Control

What Is Compost? Composting is the controlled biological process of decomposition and recycling of organic material into a humus rich soil amendment known as compost. Mixed organic materials (Example: manure, yard trimmings, food waste, biosolids) must go through a controlled heat process before...
Mark Risse
Britt Faucette
University of Georgia

Increased Yields from Peppermint Crops through Improved Micro nutrient Nutrition (Stage 2)

  Peppermint yields in Southern Australia are highly variable and this is impacting on the long term viability of the industry. The average yield is approximately 50 kg / ha, despite attempts to improve management practice. Peppermint is also an important crop that provides the necessary...
Robert Menary
Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, RIRDC Australia

Soil and Fertilizer Management for Vegetable Production in Florida

Best Management Practices (BMPs) are specific cultural practices aimed at reducing the load of a specific compound, while maintaining or increasing economical yields. They are tools available to vegetable growers to achieve the TMDLs. BMPs are intended to be educational, economically sound,...
G.D. Liu
E.H. Simonne
G.J. Hochmuth
University of Florida, IFAS Extension

Residue Management and Cultural Practices

High crop residue levels translate directly into soil conservation benefits. Most experts believe the most effective conservation tillage practices leave at least 30 percent residue after planting. Residue burial or removal for biomass harvest should be tempered with conservation benefits. When...
Mahdi Al-Kaisi
Mark Hanna
Iowa State University Extension

Soil Fertility on Organic Farms

Throughout this manual we have discussed how organic farmers strive to build healthy soil in order to create the best possible environment for plant growth. A healthy soil is primarily defined by its fertility, which in turn depends largely on the interactions of its physical, chemical, and...
Keith R. Baldwin
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Guía de conservación de suelos y agua

La Guía de Conservación de Suelos y Agua ofrece varias alternativas, las cuales se describen paso a paso, en el siguiente orden: Construcción del Nivel A también llamado Aparato A, muy conocido por ser el instrumento más usado para trazar curvas a nivel...
René Rivera
Jesús Pérez
Darwin Granda
Thelma Gaitán
Claudia Calderón
Proyecto Red SICTA del IICA/Cooperación Suiza en América Central

What Happens during Composting?

Composting is the science of converting organic matter to useful products by the action of various organisms. Decomposition as a process occurs in nature at various levels. To attain the goal of having quality end products, various modifications have been applied to this natural process with a...
Chiu-Chung Young
P.D. Rekha
A.B. Arun
Food & Fertilizer Technology Center