Manejo de Suelos - Fertilización, Compostado, Nutrición vegetal

Respuesta del cultivo de papa a la combinación de diferentes fuentes de fertilización nitrogenada: Evaluando la hipótesis de la sincronización.

  Se ha propuesto que combinando enmiendas orgánicas de diferente calidad con fertilizantes minerales puede mejorarse la utilización del nitrógeno por los cultivos al sincronizar la demanda de N con su disponibilidad en el suelo. El objetivo fue evaluar si bajo este...
Daniel Machado
Lina Sarmiento

Supplementation at casing to improve yield and quality of white button mushroom

  Supplementation of substrate at casing to increase the yield and quality of mushroom [Agaricus bisporus (Lange) Sing] is an important practice in commercial production of white button mushroom. This project was done to study the effects of supplementing the compost at casing with ground corn...
Yaqvob Mami
Gholamali Peyvast
Mahmood Ghasemnezhad
Farhood Ziaie
Agricultural Sciences

Cover Crops for Soil Improvement in Horticultural Crops

  Cover crops maintain and improve soil health. They prevent soil erosion and increase organic matter, improving micro- biotic activity, soil structure, and water infiltration rates. Cover crops also aid in nutrient cycling, reduce soil temperature fluctuations, provide habitat for beneficial...
Alan Ware
Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture

Efficacy of biofoliar spray on plant nutrients of different mulberry varieties

  Biofoliar spray is a technique of feeding plants by applying nutrients directly on their leaves in a ready form. The objective of the current study was to investigate the interactive biofoliar formulation on their concentrations (15ppm, 30ppm and 45ppm) to enhance plant nutrients (N, P, K,...
Venkatesh Kumar
Dhiraj Kumar
Satguru Prasad
Journal of Biopesticides

Cover Crops for Organic Farms

Cover crops are pivotal parts of every organic farmer’s management scheme. They are crucial to the main goals of building soil health and preventing soil erosion. Cover crops are also important tools for increasing fertility and controlling weeds, pathogens, and insects in organic crops. In...
Keith R. Baldwin
Nancy G. Creamer
North Carolina State University

Asfixia radicular en huertos de paltos: Manejo del riego y suelo

En el palto, los productos de la fotosíntesis y las reservas nutricionales del árbol se distribuyen preferencialmente hacia los frutos y el desarrollo vegetativo del árbol, en desmedro del crecimiento del sistema radicular, lo que hace que las raíces sean altamente...
Raúl Ferreyra E.
Gabriel Sellés V.
Pilar Gil M.
Rafael Ruiz Sch.
INIA Chile

Calculating the Fertilizer Value of Broiler Litter

Given below is a procedure to calculate the value of broiler litter based on prevailing retail selling prices of commercial fertilizers containing nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) labeled as %P2O5 (the oxide expression used in the fertilizer industry) and potassium (K) labeled as %K2O. The calculation...
David E. Kissel
Mark Risse
Leticia Sonon
Glen Harris
University of Georgia

Lowering the Soil pH with Sulfur

Blueberries prefer acid soils with a pH of 4.5 to 5.5. With the popularity of blueberries many people are interested in quickly adjusting their soil pH. Acidifying soil is not an exact science; this handout is just a guide. The cheapest way to lower the soil pH is to add elemental sulfur to the...
Mark Longstroth
Michigan State University

Soil Application of Zinc Improves Growth and Yield of Tomato

In a glasshouse pot experiment, effect of soil applied Zinc (@ 0, 5, 10 & 15 mg kg-1) on the growth, yield and biochemical attributes was studied of two tomato cultivars; VCT-1 and Riogrande. Zinc application increased the plant growth and fruit yield in both cultivars. Maximum plant growth...
Ali Raza Gurmani
Sami U. Khan
Rani Andaleep
Kashif Waseem
Ahmed Khan
International Journal of Agriculture and Biology

Effects of NPK (15:15:15) Fertilizer on Some Growth Indices of Pumpkin

  Effects of NPK (15:15:15) fertilizer on some growth indices of pumpkin, Cucurbita moschata (Duch. ex Lam.) Duch. ex Poir. were studied. Eight treatments viz; 0, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450 and 500 kg of NPK fertilizer per hectare (kg ha-1) were used in a Randomized Complete Block Design (...
K. Okonwu
S.I. Mensah
Asian Journal of Agricultural Research