Postharvest of Fruit and Vegetables

Postharvest handling and cooling of fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers for small farms: Handling

The most important key to quality maintenance of fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers is careful handling – Tender Loving Care! Symptoms of injuries incurred during harvesting, handling, grading, and packaging usually are not evident until the products reach retail or consumer levels...
L. G. Wilson
M. D. Boyette
E. A. Estes
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Postharvest handling and cooling of fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers for small farms: Mixed Loads

At times, it is necessary to transport or store different commodities together. In such mixed loads it is very important to combine only those commodities that are compatible with respect to their requirements for: Temperature Relative humidity Atmosphere; oxygen and carbon dioxide...
L. G. Wilson
M. D. Boyette
E. A. Estes
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Towards Controlled Atmosphere Storage for Honeycrisp Apples

Although Honeycrisp can store well in air, it is generally recognized that loss of acidity can result in decreasing fruit quality over time. Therefore, there has been interest in developing controlled atmosphere (CA) storage regimes to maintain fruit quality for extended periods during storage....
Chris B. Watkins
Jackie F. Nock
New York Fruit Quarterly

Estudio del método de atmósfera modificada en la conservación de la calidad del mango variedad Vallenato

Para aproximarnos al objetivo de mejorar la calidad de la conservación del mango variedad vallenato se realizó este trabajo de investigación desarrollado y concluido dentro de una agenda que incluye el establecimiento de relaciones con el sector privado y gubernamental para...
Juan Guillermo Reales Alfaro
Aldo Alexander Fernández Varela
Revista Alimentos Hoy

Physical and chemical quality changes of longkong (Aglaia dookkoo Griff.) during passive modified atmospheric storage

Longkong is a tropical and non-climacteric fruit which is highly perishable after harvest. The shelf life extension of longkong by using passive MAP with two different OTR packages and stored at 18ºC, 25ºC and at a 85% of relative humidity was investigated. In this study, physical and...
K. Venkatachalam
M. Meenune
International Food Research Journal

Evaluation of Current Operating Standards for Chlorine Dioxide in Disinfection of Dump Tank and Flume for Fresh Tomatoes

  Standard postharvest unit operations that rely on copious water contact, such as fruit unloading and washing, approach the criteria for a true critical control point in fresh tomato production. Performance data for approved sanitizers that reflect commercial systems are needed to set...
Alejandro Tomás-Callejas
Gabriela López-Velasco
Angeela M. Valadez
Adrian Sbodio
Francisco Artes-Hernández
Michelle D. Danyluk
Trevor V. Suslow
Journal of Food Protection

Postharvest handling of plums (Prunus salicina Lindl.) at 10 °C to save energy and preserve fruit quality using an innovative application system of 1-MCP

  1-Methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) inhibits softening in plums, making it a candidate for a postharvest strategy of storing fruit at higher than normal storage temperatures to avoid chilling injury (CI) while providing energy and cost savings. This hypothesis was tested by exposing different...
Ioannis S. Minas,
Gayle M. Crisosto
Deirdre Holcroft
Miltiadis Vasilakakis
Carlos H. Crisosto
Postharvest Biology and Technology

Cold-Storage Potential of Four Yellow-Fleshed Peach Cultivars Defined by Their Volatile Compounds Emissions, Standard Quality Parameters, and Consumer Acceptance

    ‘Early Rich’, ‘Royal Glory’, ‘Sweet Dreamcov’, and ‘Elegant Lady’ peaches were stored at −0.5 °C for up to 40 days and then subjected to ripening at 20 °C for up to 3 days. Firmness, soluble solids content (SSC), titratable...
Jaime Cano-Salazar
Gemma Escheverría
Carlos H. Crisosto
Luisa Lopez
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Maintaining Quality of Bulk-handled, Unhulled Pistachio Nuts

    Laboratory studies revealed that staining of pistachio nut shells increases with increasing temperature and increasing holding times. Unhulled pistachio nuts varied in their susceptibly to staining. Some nuts can be held for more than 32 h at 40°C without increases in shell...
J.F. Thompson
T.R. Rumsey
M. Spinoglio
Applied Engineering in Agriculture

Response of Postharvest Tree Nut Lepidopteran Pests to Vacuum Treatments

  Industry concerns over insect resistance, regulatory action, and the needs of organic processors have renewed interest in nonchemical alternative postharvest treatments to fumigants used for California tree nuts. The development of inexpensive polyvinyl chloride containers capable of holding...
J. A. Johnson
J.L. Zettler
Journal of Economic Entomology