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Colombia - Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards

The basic piece of legislation dealing with food products and human health in Colombia is Law 9 of January 24, 1979 (see text of law on: All decrees and regulations produced since then are based on the above-mentioned Law. Congressional Law 1122 of...
Juan Sebastian Diaz

Tunisia - Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards

After the fall of Ben Ali‟s regime in January 2011, Tunisia has been engaged in a progressive reform and democratization process. On October 23, Tunisians participated in the first fair and democratic elections in their history and elected the 217 members of the Constitutional Assembly whose major...
Youssef Chahed

Evaluation of Food Additives as Alternative or Complementary Chemicals to Conventional Fungicides for the Control of Major Postharvest Diseases of Stone Fruit

  To evaluate potential alternatives to conventional fungicides to control decay, more than 20 food additives and generally regarded as safe compounds were tested at three concentrations in in vivo primary screenings with several cultivars of California peaches, nectarines, and plums that had...
Lluís Palou
Joseph L. Smilanick
Carlos H. Crisosto
Journal of Food Protection

Efectos de tratamiento térmicos en el aguacate 'HASS'

  Frutos de aguacate 'Hass' fueon tratados térmicamente (38ºC y 40ºC por 360 min y 120 min respectivamente) y almacenados a 4ºC por 42 dias. La mayor calidad externa fue por el tratado a 40ºC. En calidad interna, no observándose diferencia entre...
Edgar Alejandro Román Mares
Elhadi Yabia Kazuz
Universidad de Antioquia

Phytosanitary Applications of Irradiation

    Phytosanitary treatments are used to disinfest agricultural commodities of quarantine pests so that the commodities can be shipped out of quarantined areas. Ionizing irradiation is a promising phytosanitary treatment that is increasing in use worldwide. Almost 19000 metric tons of...
Guy J. Hallman
Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety

Multiscale modelling of gas and moisture transport during refrigerated storage of fruit

  The success of controlled atmosphere storage of fruit critically depends on the gas composition of the storage atmosphere. Gas transport models can be used advantageously to evaluate the effect of gas composition on product quality and to optimise and control the storage process. In this...
B.M. Nicolaï
N.T. Anh
Q.T. Ho
H.K. Mebatsion
F. Mendoza
P. Verboven
B.E. Verlinden
M. Wevers
13th World Congress of Food Science & Technology IUFoST

Nigeria - Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards

Nigeria's food supply chain has continued to grow more complex and food borne diseases widespread and representing significant threats to health and the economy. Over the years, the GON recognizes this challenge and has developed multiple structures, systems and laws to ensure that the country...
Uche Nzeka

Finland - Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Finland is responsible for the preparation of legislation concerning food and agriculture and is also responsible for the monitoring of its implementation. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has thirteen agencies and institutes within its...
Asa Wideback

Iraq - Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards

This report was prepared by the Office of Agricultural Affairs in the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. Iraq is still going through a transition from a centrally-run economic system to a more market-oriented economy. Across the government, many regulations and policies are being revised; therefore,...
Walid Sharif

Manejo poscosecha de zucchini

  El manejo poscosecha de zucchini es importante debido a que las perdidas pueden llegar a 100% del cultivo por problemas de daño mecánico, pudrición, maduración y deshidratación. Con el manejo correcto y condiciones de transporte y almacenamiento adecuadas,...