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The Prevention of Pericarp Browning and the Maintenance of Post-harvest Quality in Vietnamese Longan cv. Long, Using Sodium Metabisulfite Treatment

  The impact of sodium metabisulfite (Na2S2O5) treatment on the prevention of pericarp browning and the maintenance of the postharvest quality of Vietnamese longan cv. Long during storage was studied by soaking bunches of the fruit in 2.5 or 5 or 7.5% of sodium metabisulfite solution for 5 and...
Le Ha Hai
Jamnong Uthaibutra
Adisak Joomwong
International Journal of Agriculture and Biology, Pakistan

The Storage Performance of Sweet Potatoes with Different Pre-storage Treatments in an Evaporative Cooling Barn

  The storage of sweet potato tuberous roots in tropical countries is a major challenge to farmers and retailers due to unfavourable climatic conditions. In this research the storage performance of sweet potato roots in an evaporative cooling barn was investigated with three different pre-...
R.S. Amoah
E. Teye
E.E. Abano
J.P. Tetteh
Asian Journal of Agricultural Research

Manejo poscosecha de chile jalapeño

  El manejo poscosecha de chile jalapeño es importante debido a que las perdidas pueden llegar a 100% del cultivo dentro de 12 a 24 horas de la cosecha por problemas de pudrición por bacteria. Con el manejo correcto y condiciones de transporte y almacenamiento adecuadas, se puede...

Greece - Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards

Greece’s food laws and regulations follow European Union (EU) rules to the extent that EU food laws have been harmonized. However, in cases in which the EU law may be incomplete or absent, the law of each Member State applies. One main principle of the single market concept is to ensure that...
Ornella Bettini

Methods to analyze physic-chemical changes during mango ripening: a multivariate approach

  Canonical discriminant analysis (CDA) was used to identify the best method to discriminate between maturity and ripening stages, assessed in terms of dry matter content, firmness, color (peel and flesh), total soluble solids content attributes, before and during ‘Keitt’ mango...
Malkeet S. Padda
Cassandro V.T. do Amarante
Raphael M. Garcia
David C. Slaughter
Elizabeth J. Mitcham
Postharvest Biology and Technology

Costs and Benefits of Fresh Handling Practices: 4 Worksheets

  These worksheets are designed to assist you in making direct comparisons of estimated costs and expected benefits related to adopting any type of postharvest technology for fresh handling and marketing. If you need more facts to fill out any worksheet, it is recommended that you select one...
Lisa Kitinoja
Perishables Handling Quarterly

Capital $ Investment in Postharvest Technology & Recovery of Invested Capital

  In today’s competitive global agricultural market it takes more than knowing how to effectively produce crops to succeed in business. Marketing fruits and vegetables at acceptable profit margins may involve timing the market either early or late in the season, to receive higher prices...
James R. Gorny
Lisa Kitinoja
Perishables Handling Quarterly

Manejo postcosecha del aguacate

  El aguacate es un fruto de importancia comercial a nivel mundial. América ha participado con el 73.82% en 1997, 68.01% en 1998 y 73.95% en 1999 de la producción mundial. México, EUA, Chile y República Dominicana son los principales productore en América,...
Edgar Alejandro Román Mares
Elhadi Yahia Kazuz
Universidad de Antioquia

Color Changes of Fresh-cut Swiss Chard Leaves Stored at Different Light Intensity

    In this study, the effect of continuous and periodic-light treatments on colour retention of freshly cut chard was investigated. Light sources were day light-fluorescent lamps of 1300 lux. The lamps were placed 70 cm above the samples in a cold room set-at 5°C temperature and 85-...
M. Ufuk Kasim
Rezzan Kasim
American Journal of Food Technology

Venezuela - Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’s (BRV) legislation governing domestically produced and imported processed food products, beverages, additives, and coloring agents for foods destined for human consumption, are contained in the “General Food Norm.” This general food safety...
Clara Nunez