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Pruning Grapes to the Four-Arm Kniffin System

Pruning is the systematic removal of wood in a manner that will result in a strong vine of convenient shape and good crops of large clusters. No operation influences grape production more than pruning. Excessive pruning produces vigorous vegetative growth and low yield, however clusters and...
Ron Byford
Esteban Herrera
New Mexico State University

Efecto del riego deficitario y diferentes frecuencias en la producción del cultivo de pimentón

El riego deficitario es una herramienta alternativa que permite el uso racional del agua aplicada, con el mínimo impacto en la producción. El objetivo del presente trabajo fue estimar el efecto del déficit hídrico con diferentes frecuencias de riego en la producci...
Richard Alberto Rodríguez Padrón
Luis Rázuri Ramírez
Alexandre Swarowsky
José Rosales Daboín

Late blight: Action plan for an effective response to a global threat

In the context of global poverty and food security, two sister crops, potato and tomato, play an important and increasing role in alleviating human suffering. However, production of each crop is limited by the disease “late blight” caused by the virtually ubiquitous and highly...
Greg Forbes
International Potato Center CIP

El Cultivo del Cocotero

Contenidos: Establecimiento del semillero Siembra en las camas Cuidados del semillero Trasplante Selección de plantas para siembra definitiva Preparación del terreno Distancia de siembra Época de siembra Cuidados de la plantación...
Dirección de Ciencia y Tecnología Agropecuaria
Secretaría de Agricultura y Ganadería, Honduras

Development of virulence to Meloidogyne incognita on resistant pepper rootstocks

The root-knot nematode (RKN) Meloidogyne incognita is a major soil parasite of pepper crops in greenhouses in Southeast Spain. Due to the limitations of the use of soil fumigants, grafting plants on resistant rootstocks (R-rootstocks) has become an important alternative to chemical nematicides....
C. Ros Ibáñez
Lee Robertson
Maria del Carmen Martinez-Lluch
Ana Cano-García
Alfredo Lacasa-Plasencia
Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research

Sustratos de cultivo

  Las plantas tienen una serie de necesidades que el cultivador debe satisfacer con la ayuda de los modernos medios y técnicas de cultivo, diseñados especialmente para ellas. El cultivador conoce en base en base a su experiencia como debe estar compuesto el medio de cultivo. Los...
Gerald Schmilewski
Horticultura internacional

Sustainable Pest Management in Greenhouses and High Tunnels

Growers using greenhouses in which temperature, light and relative humidity are controlled have relied for many years on releases of natural enemies to manage aphids, thrips and two-spotted spider mites. However, many of the natural enemies used to manage these pests in heated structures are too...
Judson Reid
Kathryn Klotzbach

Cherry Insect Pests Identification Sheet

There are several key insects that affect cherry production. Use this handy guide to help identify pests and to learn more about solutions. Insects: Cherry Fruit Fly and Western Cherry Fruit Fly Plum Curculio American Plum Borer Spotted-Winged Drosophila  

Cherry Diseases Identification Sheet

There are several key diseases that affect cherry production. Use this handy guide to help identify some diseases and to learn more about causes and solutions. Diseases: Bacterial Canker Black Knot Phytophthora Root Rot Brown Rot Powdery Mildew  

Using Manure Nutrients for Crop Production

Manure can supply nutrients required by crops and replenish nutrients removed from soil by crop harvest. Since manure contains multiple nutrients, applications should consider not only what is needed for the crop to be grown but also how the ratio of nutrients in manure could affect soil test...
John E. Sawyer
Antonio P. Mallarino
Iowa State University