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Effect of Different Tillage Methods on Crop Yield and Yield Components of Watermelon

A two year field experiment was conducted to investigate the response of crop yield and yield components of watermelon to different tillage methods in the arid lands of Iran. Tillage treatments in the study were moldboard plow + two passes of disk harrow as conventional tillage (CT), two passes of...
Fereydoun Keshavarzpour
Academic Journal of Plant Sciences

Blackberry Pruning Diagram

This graphic will guide growers as they prune blackberry or raspberry plants. It’s a simple, four-step diagram that is easy to follow and reinforces the instructions with images. Growers might consider printing this PDF and posting in appropriate areas of the operation for reference while...
Gina E. Fernandez
NC State University

Types of Trellises

Visual examples of the different types of trellises used to grow blackberries and raspberries. Includes dimensions and pictures of each type. Growers use many trellis support systems to support bramble canes. Your trellising goal is to minimize labor and maximize yield. Each trellis type has its...
NC State University
NC State University

Managing the almond and stone fruit replant disease complex with less soil fumigant

As much as one-third of California's almond and stone fruit acreage is infested with potentially debilitating plant parasitic nematodes, and even more of the land is impacted by Prunus replant disease (PRD), a poorly understood soilborne disease complex that suppresses early growth and...
Greg T. Browne
Bruce D. Lampinen
Brent A. Holtz
David A. Doll
Shrinivasa K. Upadhyaya
Leigh S. Schmidt
Ravindra G. Bhat
Vasu Udompetaikul
Robert W. Coates
Bradley D. Hanson
Karen M. Klonsky
Suduan Gao
Dong Wang
Matt Gillis
James S. Gerik
R. Scott Johnson
California Agriculture

Rootstocks for Kentucky Fruit Trees

Most fruit trees that can be grown in Kentucky do not come true from seed. For example, a tree grown from a Golden Delicious apple seed will produce an apple tree, but the fruit will have different characteristics than Golden Delicious in color, taste, and shape. This is why...
Dwight E. Wolfe
John G. Strang
Shawn Wright
University of Kentucky

Fertilización foliar con macronutrientes a plantas de naranja Valencia late (Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck) y tangor Murcott (Citrus reticulata Blanco x Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck)

El objetivo de este trabajo fue analizar el efecto de diferentes dosis de fertilizantes foliares con macronutrientes en plantas de naranja Valencia y de tangor Murcott. Los experimentos fueron realizados durante tres campañas consecutivas en Corrientes Argentina. El diseño...
Paula Alayón Luaces
Víctor Antonio Rodríguez
Analia Beatriz Píccoli
Marco Daniel Chabbal
Laura Itati Giménez
Gloria Cristina Martínez
Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Argentina

Asparagus Crown Production

Producing asparagus crowns for sale or use is simple and profitable. Careful attention to details described here is important so that all requirements for certified plant production can be met. Certified plants are most saleable and bring a premium price. One-year-old crowns will produce a healthy...
Douglas Sanders
NC State University

Iowa High Tunnel Fruit and Vegetable Production Manual

High tunnels are valuable assets to growers enabling them to produce high yields of quality horticultural crops. However, different strategies and more detailed management are required with this method of production. The objective of this workbook is to provide growers with the information and...
Eldon Everhart
Ray Hansen
Donald Lewis
Linda Naeve
Henry Taber
Iowa State University

Pruning Peach Trees

Annual pruning is a critical management practice for producing easily harvested, heavy crops of high quality peaches. However, pruning is not a substitute for other orchard practices such as fertilization, irrigation, and pest control. Pruning practices vary slightly in different regions of the...
Richard P. Marini
Gregory Peck
Alson H. Smith
Virginia Cooperative Extension

Seasonal Apiary Management for Missouri

This guide provides a yearly management program to maintain beehives for satisfactory honey production.
Raymond A. Nabors
University of Missouri