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Postharvest seed treatments to improve the papaya seed germination and seedlings development

Practical technologies are required to preserve the viability of seeds particularly those known to be short-term viable species like Carica papaya (papaya). Papaya seeds were imbibed in water or chemical solutions (CaCl2 10-5 M, salicylic acid 10-4 M, and gibberellic acid 10-5 M) combined with...
Guillermo M. Carrillo-Castañeda
Francisco Bautista-Calles
Angel Villegas-Monter
Tropical and Subtropical Agroecosystems


Caraway (Carum carvi L.) is a hardy, biennial herb which is native to Europe and Western Asia. First year plants resemble carrots, growing to about 8 inches tall with finely divided leaves and long taproots. By the second year, two to three foot stalks develop topped by umbels of white or pink...
Jeanine M. Davis
North Carolina State University

Experiencias de la aplicación comercial de la técnica de reproducción acelerada de semilla (TRAS) en plátano en Rivas y Nandaime

La multiplicación convencional del plátano (Musa spp.) a través de los hijuelos del cormo, además de la baja tasa de propagación, facilita la diseminación de plagas y enfermedades. La técnica de reproducción acelerada de semillas (TRAS), una...
Guillermo Reyes Castro
Ena Rivers Carcache
Heidy Guadalupe Corea Narváez
Rosario del Socorro García Loáisiga
La Calera, UNA, Nicaragua

Australian subtropical coffee grower’s manual

This manual is intended to assist growers, both new and experienced, so that they are aware of the good practice and possible pitfalls of growing coffee in subtropical Australia. The manual contains a collection of information largely based on the expert knowledge of the author and the practical...
David Peasley
David Ashton
Jos Webber
Ron Woods
Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

Organic polyculture of passion fruit, pineapple, corn and cassava: the influence of green manure and distance between espaliers

The organic fruit crop should incorporate the principles of sustainable agriculture, with a guarantee of productivity coupled with ecological diversity, using techniques of policultive with regional species. The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of the green manure crops [Canavalia...
Sebastião Elviro de Araújo Neto
Pedro Arruda Campos
Leonardo Barreto Tavella
Antônio Jussier da Silva Solino
Irene Ferro da Silva
Ciência e Agrotecnologia

Commercial asparagus production

Asparagus has been grown for many years. The Ancient Greeks and Romans relished this crop. It originated in Asia Minor and is a member of the lily family. California, Michigan, and Washington are the major producing states, but there is some commercial production in many of the northern and...
Douglas C. Sanders
North Carolina State University

Retain Combined with NAA Controls Pre-harvest Drop of McIntosh Apples Better Than Either Chemical Alone

McIntosh is the most important apple cultivar in the Northeastern USA. It is a high ethylene producing variety which has excessive pre-harvest drop. Aminoethoxyvinylglycine (Retain) which blocks ethylene synthesis limits pre-harvest drop and has become an essential tool in managing harvest of...
Terence Robinson
Steve Hoying
Kevin Iungerman
Darius Kviklys
New York Fruit Quarterly

Introduction to Coffee Management through Discovery Learning

An integrated pest management (IPM) system, or an integrated crop management (ICM) system can never be a prescriptive, ‘off the shelf’ package. A grower must look at all the options available to him or her and make an informed decision as to which measures to take. Because each farmer...
Martin Kimani
Tony Little
Janny G.M. Vos
CABI Bioscience

Cultivation of Shiitake on Natural and Synthetic Logs

Shiitake have been enjoyed for centuries in Asia because of their health-promoting properties. Now consumers in Western countries endear shiitake because of their unique culinary characteristics. Shiitake can be found on supermarket shelves nationwide. Shiitake are an excellent source of selenium...
Daniel J. Royse
The Pennsylvania State University


Basil (Ocimum basilicum L. and its varieties) is a popular herb known for its flavorful foliage. The fresh or dried leaves add a distinctive flavor to many foods, such as Italian style tomato sauces, pesto sauce and salad dressing. The essential oils and oleo-resins may be extracted from leaves...
Jeanine M. Davis
NC State University