Vegetable and Fruit Production Guides, Horticulture Manuals

Production Guide for Organic Blueberry

This guide for organic blueberry production is an outline of cultural and pest management practices and includes topics that have an impact on improving plant health and reducing pest problems. The guide is divided into sections, but the interrelated quality of organic cropping systems makes each...
Kerik Cox
Greg Loeb
Michael Helms
Andrew Landers
Paul Curtis
Laura McDermott
Cornell University

Commercial Red Raspberry Production

  Content: Chapter 1. Commercial Red Raspberry Production Chapter 2. The Red Raspberry Plant Roots Primocane growth and development Dormancy and cold hardiness Floricane growth and development Flowers and fruit Yield Chapter 3. Cultivar Selection...
Danny L. Barney
Peter Bristow
Craig Cogger
Sheila M. Fitzpatrick
John Hart
Diane Kaufman
Carol Miles
Timothy Miller
Patrick P. Moore
Todd Murray
Hannah Rempel
Bernadine Strik
Lynell Tanigoshi
Oregon State University • University of Idaho • Washington State University

Guía Técnica del Cultivo de la Guayaba

  Contenidos: Generalidades Origen y Distribución Usos Mercado Cultivares Requerimientos Climáticos Requerimientos Edáficos Taxonomía Morfología Propagación Nutrición Manejo agron...
Mario Alfonso García
CENTA, El Salvador

Caribbean Hot Pepper Production and Post Harvest Manual

This manual describes the best practices in all aspects of commercial hot pepper production and post-harvest handling, utilising materials, technologies and support services that are generally available to the Caribbean producer. The manual incorporates the principles of Good Agricultural...
Anil Sinha
Joan Petersen

Guía Técnica Cultivo de Tomate

Contenidos: Introducción Generalidades Aspectos botánicos Etapas fenológicas Requerimientos climáticos y edáficos Variedades Semilleros Labores culturales Fertilización Manejo de la planta Manejo integrado de plagas...
Juana Pérez
Guillermo Hurtado
Víctor Aparicio
Quirino Argueta
Marcos A. Larín
Centro Nacional De Tecnologia Agropecuaria y Forestal (CENTA), El Salvador

Commercial Pepper Production Handbook

Pepper (Capsicum sp.) is one of the most varied and widely used foods in the world. From the various colors to the various tastes, peppers are an important spice commodity and an integral part of many cuisines. Peppers originated in the Mexico and Central America regions. Christopher Columbus...
W. Terry Kelley
George Boyhan
University of Georgia

Peanut Money-Maker Production Guide

The key to hihg quality, two-ton plus peanut are: A well drained soil  Suitable rotation crops – Cotton, or corn and other grasses  Timele watering pod fill Good harvest wheather  Timely management operations  The one factor that growers have the most...
W. Scott Monfort
Jay W. Chapin
Mike Marshall
Eric P. Prostko
James S. Thomas
Clemson University

Guía Técnica del Cultivo de la Papaya

  El cultivo de la papaya (Carica papaya L) ha experimentado un crecimiento en todo el mundo en los últimos años debido a la demanda de los consumidores por sus propiedades nutritivas, medicinales y sabor, además a nivel de agricultores es un cultivo que ofrece ingresos a...
Mario Alfonso García
Centro Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria y Forestal “Enrique Alvarez Cordova” (CENTA)

Organic Garlic Production

Garlic is well adapted for production in all parts of the U.S. Yield and quality vary with climate, region, altitude, soil and pH, cultural practices, and variety of garlic. The term “biological elasticity” describes garlic’s ability to acclimate to these factors over time. No...
Janet Bachmann

Garlic Production

In Ontario, garlic, a cool-season crop, is planted in the fall and harvested the following summer. This Factsheet provides information on the types of garlic grown in Ontario, garlic production from planting to storage, and pest control and weed management. Garlic (Allium sativum) belongs to the...
Jennifer Allen
Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs