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Fruit skin side cracking and ostiole-end splitting shorten postharvest life in fresh figs (Ficus carica L.), but are reduced by deficit irrigation

  Side cracking and ostiole-end splitting skin damage affected decay development and the percentage of sound fruit during fresh fig (Ficus carica L.) postharvest handling and marketing. Modification of current grading standard tolerances according to cultivar is suggested to protect the...
Michelle Kong
Bruce Lampinen
Ken Shackel
Carlos H. Crisosto
Postharvest Biology and Technology

Burgundy Black Truffle Cultivation in an Agroforestry Practice

The two best candidate species for truffle cultivation in the south-central U.S. are the Burgundy truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt., syn. T. uncinatum Ch.) and the Périgord black truffle (T. melanosporum Vitt., Fig. 1b). These common names (Burgundy truffle and Périgord black truffle)...
Johann Bruhn
Michelle Hall
University of Missouri

Control de enfermedades y plagas en el melón y la papaya

Contenidos: El Melón Enfermedades fungosas Enfermedades virosas Problemas fisiológicos Control de plagas La Papaya Enfermedades Pudrición del pie en las plántulas poco después de la germinación Pudrici...
Gonzalo Calderón Rivera
Rodolfo Cepeda Vergara
Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario, ICA

Cucurbit Production in Florida

Cucurbits production manual includes cucumber, cantaloupe, summer squash, pumpkin, butternut squash, calabaza, winter squash, and watermelon. Topics addressed: Varieties Seeding and planting Fertilizer and lime Plant tissue analysis Petiole sap testing Irrigation Weed...
S.M. Olson
E.H. Simonne
W.M. Stall
P.D. Roberts
S.E. Webb
S.A. Smith
University of Florida, IFAS Extension

Biomass production, yield and chemical composition of peppermint essential oil using different organic fertilizer sources

  Mentha x piperita L. is an aromatic and medicinal species belonging to the family Lamiaceae that is popularly known as peppermint. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of organic fertilizer sources on the biomass production, yield and chemical composition of peppermint (Mentha...
Andressa Giovannini Costa
Suzan Kelly Vilela Bertolucci
Jorge Henrique Chagas
Elza Oliveira Ferraz
José Eduardo Brasil Pereira Pinto
Ciência e Agrotecnologia

Mint production and pest management in Indiana

The mints are grown for the essential oils that they produce in specialized glands on the leaves and stems. This oil is readily recovered by steam distillation of the harvested hay. Peppermint and spearmint oils are widely used to flavor chewing gum, candy, pharmaceuticals, toothpaste and other...
Steve Weller
Ralph Green
Cheri Janssen
Fred Whitford
Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service

Evaluation of Flame Seedless Grapevines Grafted on Some Rootstocks

  The current investigation was conducted during the two successive seasons of 2011 and 2012 on six years old vines in a private vineyard at Cairo - Alexandria Desert Rood where soil was sandy. Vines of Flame Seedless cv. grafted on either Salt Creek or Freedom rootstocks, in addition to own-...
Rafaat S.S. El-Gendy
Journal of Horticultural Science & Ornamental Plants

Control del riego en paltos y cítricos

Manual de riego para paltos y cítricos, capítulo 2. El hecho de aplicar un programa de riego, en base a los registros de evapotranspiración no asegura el éxito productivo del cultivo, ya que existe una serie de factores que podrían estar subestimando o...
Pilar Gil
Gabriel Sellés
Raúl Ferreyra
INIA Chile

Orchard-Floor Management in Pecans

The objective of this leaflet is to briefly discuss orchard floor management options in pecan orchards along with herbicide considerations, and potential herbicides. It should be used as a guide for producers making orchard floor management decisions. One of the best management strategies for a...
W. E. Mitchem
M. L. Parker
North Carolina State University

Pruning and training thornless blackberries

Train semitrailing blackberries to trellises (Figure 1A). The erect blackberry varieties do not require support if the tops of new canes are pruned during the summer to keep growth below 3 to 4 feet. Erect blackberries that are not topped may be trained to a one-wire trellis Construct the...
E. B. Poling
Gina Fernandez
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service