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Review. Elimination of viruses in plants: twenty years of progress

To shed light on trends about elimination of viruses from plants, a bibliographic research was conducted to identify thermotherapy, chemotherapy and tissue culture trials published from 1991 through 2010. Among woody plants, grapevine, apple and peach are the most frequent targets of sanitation...
A. Panattoni
A. Luvisi
E. Triolo
Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research

A Step-by-Step Approach to Pruning Carlos Muscadine Grapevines

The Carlos muscadine is the top cultivar selected by growers and homeowners for muscadine production in the Southeast. Carlos requires annual pruning in winter to maintain healthy fruit-bearing wood. A single healthy Carlos vine can produce up to 15 pounds of one-year-old wood annually! Removing...
E. Barclay Poling
NC State University

Controlling African Cassava Mosaic Disease

African cassava mosaic disease (ACMD) is caused by a virus and, as its name implies, appears to be confined to Africa. A similar disease caused by a closely related virus occurs in India, but the virus which causes the disease known as cassava common mosaic disease, found in South America, belongs...
John Guthrie

Manual del cultivo de la cebolla: enfermedades

Capítulo de enfermedades del Manual del Cultivo de la Cebolla.  Los tópicos cubiertos par cada enfermedad son: agente causal, síntomas, condiciones predisponentes, sobrevivencia, diseminación, penetración y control. Contenidos Enfermedad de los alm...
Marta Gatica
Enrique Oriolani
INTA, Argentina

Hydroponic tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) production with and without recirculation of nutrient solution

The hydroponic systems with recirculation of nutrient solution save water and fertilizer, but over time it is difficult to maintain the nutritional balance and control diseases that attack the roots, causing lower performance compared to systems where the solution is not recirculated. The...
Felipe Sánchez-Del Castillo
Esaú del C. Moreno-Pérez
Joel Pineda-Pineda
José M. Osuna
Juan E. Rodríguez-Pérez
Tomás Osuna-Encino

Producción hidropónica de jitomate (Solanum lycopersicum L.) con y sin recirculación de la solución nutritiva

Los sistemas hidropónicos con recirculación de la solución nutritiva, ahorran agua y fertilizantes, pero con el tiempo es difícil mantener el balance nutricional y controlar las enfermedades que atacan a la raíz, lo que causa un rendimiento menor respecto a...
Felipe Sánchez-Del Castillo
Esaú del C. Moreno-Pérez
Joel Pineda-Pineda
José M. Osuna
Juan E. Rodríguez-Pérez
Tomás Osuna-Encino

Herbicide Carryover in Hay, Manure, Compost, and Grass Clippings

Many farmers and home gardeners have reported damage to vegetable and flower crops after applying horse or livestock manure, compost, hay, or grass clippings to the soil. The symptoms reported include poor seed germination; death of young plants; twisted, cupped, and elongated leaves; misshapen...
Jeanine Davis
Sue Ellen Johnson
Katie Jennings
North Carolina Cooperative Extension

Using Organic Fertilizers

Sustainability of agriculture has become a major global concern since the 1980s. Soil organic matter is very important in the functions of soil inasmuch as it is a good indicator of soil quality because it mediates many of the chemical, physical, and biological processes controlling the capacity...
Ren-Shih Chong
Food & Fertilizer Technology Center

Cherries: Organic Production

This publication focuses on organic pest and disease control and other topics relevant to organic production of both tart and sweet cherries. It introduces the Canadian bush cherry and discusses climatic considerations for cherry production. Information on marketing is included, as are further...
Guy K. Ames

Vegetable Grafting: The Healing Chamber

High value vegetable crops such as eggplant, heirloom tomato, and triploid watermelon are grafted to increase vigor, yield, tolerance to salinity and temperature extremes, and disease resistance. Commercial production and demand for grafted vegetable plants continues to increase across Asia and...
Sacha Johnson
Carol Miles
Patti Kreider
Jonathan Roozen
Washington State University