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Organic Cultivation of Mangoes

  The mango grows best in tropical summer rain regions, at temperatures between 24°C and 28°C. Despite being fully foliated, the trees are remarkably resistant against drying out. A dry period or cooler temperatures enliven the blossoming and the production of mangoes. A period of...
Franz Augstburger
Jörn Berger
Udo Censkowsky
Petra Heid
Joachim Milz
Christine Streit.
Naturland e.V.

Resource Guide to Organic Insect and Disease Management

Organic farmers rely primarily on preventive, cultural, and integrated methods of pest and disease management. Additionally, there are a number of materials that can complement and support organic management. This guide was developed to provide a useful and scientifically accurate reference for...
Brian Caldwell
Eric Sideman
Abby Seaman
Anthony M. Shelton
Christine D. Smart
Cornell University

Vegetable Insects

This vegetable insect identification bulleting inclides the following insects: Aphids Flea Beetles White Grubs Leafhoppers Japanese Beetle Cutworms Tarnished Plant Bug Twospotted Spider Mite  Striped Blister Beetle Imported Cabbageworm Wireworm Cabbage...
Ricky E. Foster
John L. Obermeyer
Purdue University

Manual Técnico Buenas Prácticas Agrícolas (BPA) en la Producción de Frijol Voluble

Los principales problemas para la producción de fríjol en Colombia y en Antioquia están relacionados con la alta incidencia de enfermedades y plagas, que se agravan por el uso generalizado de semilla de variedades regionales susceptibles, lo cual exige un alto uso de...
Jesús Hernando Arias Restrepo
Teresita Rengifo Martínez
Maribel Jaramillo Carmona

Caribbean Pineapple Production and Post Harvest Manual

  This manual describes the best practices in all aspects of commercial pineapple production and post-harvest handling, utilizing materials, technologies and support services that are generally available to the Caribbean farmer. The manual incorporates the principles of Good Agricultural...
Gregory Robin
Ronald Pilgrim
Sharon Jones
Dorian Etienne
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO); Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI)

Cacao Diseases in Central America

Diseases are the biotic factor with the greatest impact in cacai production in Latin America and the world. In Central America, bacteria, viruses and nematodes do not cause significant problems; instead, fungi and similar organisms are responsible for most of the losses. Monilians (caused by the...
Wilbert Phillips-Mora
Rolando Cerda
The Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE)

Diseases of Citrus in Arizona

Although citrus is indigenous to southeast Asia, oranges were first planted commercially in central Arizona in the late 1800s. Today commercial production is centered in several warm and low-frost-risk areas of central and southwestern Arizona. A great number of citrus varieties are also widely...
Mary Olsen
Mike Matheron
Mike McClure
Zhongguo Xiong
The University of Arizona

Weed Management on Organic Farms

Organic farmers struggling to develop effective and economical weed management practices are not alone. Farmers rank weeds as the number one barrier to organic production (Walz, 1999). And organic farmers cite weed management as their number one research priority. In approaching weed management...
Denise M. Finney
Nancy G. Creamer
CEFS NC State University

Aguacate Variedades, Cultivo y Producción en Nuevo León

El Aguacate (Persea americana Mill.), árbol de la familia Lauraceae y de origen mesoamericano, reviste una importancia creciente día a día, ya que frecuentemente son reconocidas nuevas propiedades y beneficios para la salud humana, además de la conocida importancia...
Sergio Moreno Limón
Alejandra Rocha Estrada
Marco Antonio Alvarado Vázquez
Marisela Guadalupe Salgado Mora
Erika Patricia Pinson Rincón
Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León

Improve Your Sugarloaf Pineapple Production: Illustrated Manual for Organic Farmers in Ghana

   Table of contents Introduction What is organic agriculture? Principles of organic agriculture Benefits of organic farming Recommended practices Land preparation Clearing Weeding Mulching Bush burning Planting Materials for...
Agro Eco West Africa Team