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Mejorando la calidad de nuestra semilla de papa mediante la selección de las mejores plantas

Guía de campo para agricultores Esta guía consta de cuatro secciones, en la primera sección el agricultor conocerá los pasos que debe hacer para una correcta marcación de plantas, la segunda sección le ayudará a reconocer los daños producidos...
R. Orrego
K. Manrique
M. Quevedo
O. Ortiz
Centro Internacional de la Papa

Impact of soil fertility management practices on a major insect pest infestation and yield of beans (phaseolus vulgaris L.) in Taita district, Kenya

The common bean is an important food and cash crop in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa. It provides food for more than 100 million people and is a critical source of income for rural households. Common bean yields, however, have declined in the last ten years. This decline is the result of...
W.N. Ochilo
G.H. Nyamasyo
J.H. Nderitu
African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development

Commercial luffa sponge gourd production

Luffa sponge products are readily available in the cosmetic and bath section of department stores, discount stores, pharmacies, and specialty shops. The popularity of luffa for personal hygiene products is due to the gentle exfoliating effect the fibers have on the skin. Many environmentally...
Jeanine M. Davis
North Carolina State University

Management of Composting

Proper and regular additions of on-farm organic wastes such as animal manure and crop residues are of utmost importance in maintaining the tilth, fertility, and productivity of agricultural soils; in protecting them from wind and water erosion; and in preventing nutrient losses through runoff and...
Shang-Shyng Yang
Food & Fertilizer Technology Center

Control de Funcionamiento del Equipo de Riego

El hecho de aplicar un programa de riego en base a registros y cálculos no asegura el éxito productivo, ya que existen una serie de factores que podrían estar provocando problemas en la operación de un equipo de riego: obturación de emisores, taponamiento de...
Pilar Gil
Gabriel Sellés
Raúl Ferreyra
Cristián Barrera
INIA Chile

Injertos Hortícolas: Sandía

El injerto de vegetales es una técnica de siglos de antigüedad primero utilizada en Asia para mejorar la producción, reducir la susceptibilidad a enfermedades y aumentar el vigor de la planta. La producción comercial y la demanda de plantas hortícolas injertadas...
Carol Miles
Malaquias Flores
Elisa Estrada
Washington State University

Vegetable Grafting: Watermelon

Vegetable grafting is a centuries-old technique first used in Asia to improve plant production, reduce disease susceptibility, and increase plant vigor. Commercial production of and demand for grafted vegetable plants continues to increase across Asia and Europe, although it is relatively new in...
Carol Miles
Lynnette Hesnault
Sacha Johnson
Patti Kreider
Washington State University

Tendrils as a source of seasonal carryover of Botrytis cinerea in vineyards

Botrytis bunch rot is a disease that requires management under New Zealand conditions in order to prevent financial losses for wine grape producers. A survey was conducted to investigate the potential spore production of tendrils in 16 vineyards from the Marlborough and Hawke's Bay wine...
D.C. Mundy
S.R. Haycock
A.R.G. McLachlan
P.N. Wood
V. Raw
New Zealand Plant Protection

Critical Nutrient Levels for Almonds, Peaches & Plums

Leaf analyses are very effective tools to prevent nutrient deficiency-induced crop loss. They can also save you money by preventing overfertilization. Check your results against the chart.
Roger Duncan
University of California ANR

Greenhouse Tomatoes Pest Management in Mississippi

Greenhouse tomato growers produce vine ripe tomatoes at a time of year when homegrown tomatoes are not available. Many disease and insect pests can attack greenhouse-grown tomatoes and hurt both production and quality. Greenhouse tomato producers must be able to accurately scout for and identify...
Blake Layton
David Ingram
Mississippi State University Extension Service