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Effect of mycorrhizal inoculants in the development of Mexican landrace avocado rootstocks

The aim of this work was to assess the effect of two arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) inoculants in the development of avocado rootstocks. Seeds of Mexican landrace avocado (Persea americana Mill. var. drymifolia) were used, with two commercial inoculants: T1 containing Glomus fasciculatum, G....
Edgar Castro Alvarado
Ana Tztzqui Chávez Bárcenas
Pedro Antonio García Saucedo
Leovigilda Reyes Ramírez
Ana Elizabeth Bárcenas Ortega
Tropical and Subtropical Agroecosystems

La Técnica de Aplicación de Pesticidas

Cuando el productor decide defender su cultivo del ataque de diversas plagas y enfermedades, es necesario que adopte la metodología de control que resulte más eficiente. De este modo, el esfuerzo económico realizado tendrá la mayor recompensa, a través de un...
Raúl F. del Monte
INTA Argentina

El cultivo del Papayo

  Aspectos de la producción, manejo en post-cosecha y comercialización Contenidos Denominación botánica Variedades Morfología y anatomía Ambiente ecológico Clima Suelos Aspectos fisiológicos Establecimiento...
Comisión Nacional de Fruticultura
Comisión Nacional de Fruticultura, Perú

Producing Shiitake Mushrooms

A Guide for Small-Scale Outdoor Cultivation on Logs The two most popular mushrooms in the world are the common button mushroom (Agaricus spp.) and the shiitake or black forest mushroom (Lentinus edodes), shown below. The shiitake, meaning “mushroom of the shii (oak tree)” in Japanese,...
Jeanine M. Davis
Jean Harrison
North Carolina Cooperative Extension

Sweet Cherry Orchard Establishment in the Pacific Northwest: Important Considerations for Success

Regularly producing sustainable yields of high-quality cherries is possible only where site and other conditions are near optimal. Properly evaluating a prospective orchard location, determining available resources, and establishing the orchard take careful planning. Because establishing an...
Lynn E. Long
Clive Kaiser
Oregon State University • University of Idaho • Washington State University

Pests of Fruits (Banana, Mango and Pomegranate)

Contents Banana Major Insect Pests Thrips Aphids Corm weevil Stem weevil Burrowing nematode Major Diseases Sigatoka leaf spot Anthracnose Banana bract mosaic virus Banana bunchy top virus Cigar end rot...
D.B. Ahuja
Niranjan Singh
A.K. Kanojia
R.V. Singh
R. Sumitha
Hera Lal Yadav
Neelam Mehta
Jyotsana Sharma
Sachin Suroshe
R. Thangavelu
S.G. Borkar
K.S. Raghuvanshi
S.R. Kulkarni
N.B. Shaikh
N.M. Patil
Suresh Pardesi
S.K Godse
M.B. Dalavi
J.J. Jadhav
G.K. Ghorpade
S.P. Arnikar
National Centre for Integrated Pest Management

Estado de la cuestión del riego por goteo enterrado: Diseño, manejo, mantenimiento y control de la salinidad del suelo

  El riego por goteo enterrado (RGE) ha despertado en los últimos años un interés creciente en España debido a que su baja presión de trabajo y su menor coste energético, junto con otras potenciales ventajas comparativas, puede hacerlo más...
R. Salvador
R Aragües
ITEA, información técnica económica agraria

Management of Black Scale and Apple Weevil in Olives

What the report is about This report provides olive growers with monitoring, and organic and conventional control methods for black scale and apple weevil. The information generated by this project also provides new methods to improve control of apple weevil. Who is the report targeted at? This...
Sonya Broughton
Stewart Learmonth
RIRDC Australia

Growing Vegetables, Fruits and Produce (Food Safety Self-Assesment Tool)

Food safety is a concern to all involved in the production, marketing and consumption of foodstuff. Produce, fruits and vegetables, present unique problems in that they are often consumed raw without processing. In many cases, small produce growers market their crops directly to consumers or...
Karen L.B. Gast
Dan Nagengast
Rhonda Janke
Donald C. Cress
Kansas State University

Grape tendrils as an inoculum source of Botrytis cinerea in vineyards - a review

Botrytis cinerea is a fungus responsible for considerable damage to a wide range of crops worldwide, including grapes. Botrytis bunch rot caused by B. cinerea is the major disease problem that must be managed by the New Zealand wine industry each season. However, the fungus is not easily managed...
D.C. Mundy
R.H. Agnew
P.N. Wood
New Zealand Plant Protection