Soil Management - Fertilization, Compost, Nutrients

Greenhouse Substrates and Fertilization

Everyone seems to be searching for the ideal plant mix. The criteria are simple: make a mix with good aeration, that doesn’t dry out too quickly, can be used in all cell sizes, contains all the nutrients necessary, can be used for all species of and stores indefinitely. All that is needed is...
D. A. Bailey
W. C. Fonteno
P. V. Nelson
North Carolina State University

Effect of Different Tillage Methods on Crop Yield and Yield Components of Watermelon

A two year field experiment was conducted to investigate the response of crop yield and yield components of watermelon to different tillage methods in the arid lands of Iran. Tillage treatments in the study were moldboard plow + two passes of disk harrow as conventional tillage (CT), two passes of...
Fereydoun Keshavarzpour
Academic Journal of Plant Sciences

Managing the almond and stone fruit replant disease complex with less soil fumigant

As much as one-third of California's almond and stone fruit acreage is infested with potentially debilitating plant parasitic nematodes, and even more of the land is impacted by Prunus replant disease (PRD), a poorly understood soilborne disease complex that suppresses early growth and...
Greg T. Browne
Bruce D. Lampinen
Brent A. Holtz
David A. Doll
Shrinivasa K. Upadhyaya
Leigh S. Schmidt
Ravindra G. Bhat
Vasu Udompetaikul
Robert W. Coates
Bradley D. Hanson
Karen M. Klonsky
Suduan Gao
Dong Wang
Matt Gillis
James S. Gerik
R. Scott Johnson
California Agriculture

Organic Vegetable IPM Guide

Interest in nonchemical pest control has increased over the past several years. To some people, this means the same as “organic farming,” which implies nature’s way. But in this publication, we talk about controlling pests without chemicals, or at least fewer chemicals. This...
Rick Snyder
Blake Layton
David Ingram
Pat Harris
James H. Jarratt
Frank Killebrew
John D. Byrd
Mississippi State University

Nutrient extraction of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) in mixtures of volcanic rock with fresh and recycled sawdust

Hydroponic or greenhouse production systems allow daily fertilization of vegetable crops, depending on its life cycle, substrate and available water. Sawdust is currently being used successfully as substrate in crop production and for this reason we evaluate the effect of mixtures (v/v) of...
Juan Manuel Vargas-Canales
Ana María Castillo-González
Joel Pineda-Pineda
José Armando Ramírez-Arias
Edilberto Avitia-García
Revista Chapingo Serie Horticultura

Extracción nutrimental de jitomate (Solanum lycopersicum L.) en mezclas de tezontle con aserrín nuevo y reciclado

Los sistemas de producción en condiciones de invernadero e hidroponia permiten realizar una fertilización diaria, en función del ciclo de cultivo, del sustrato y del agua de riego. Actualmente se está utilizando el aserrín de pino como sustrato en la producci...
Juan Manuel Vargas-Canales
Ana María Castillo-González
Joel Pineda-Pineda
José Armando Ramírez-Arias
Edilberto Avitia-García
Revista Chapingo Serie Horticultura

Fertirrigación con nitrógeno, fósforo y potasio en cítricos (Primera parte)

Los objetivos de la fertilización son: por un lado, restituir al suelo los nutrientes que la planta extrae durante su desarrollo, cultivo o ciclo vegetativo; y, por otro lado, enriquecer el suelo cuando la concentración de algún nutriente es insuficiente para asegurar la...
Juan Manuel Bohórquez Caro
Junta de Andalucía

Fertirrigación con nitrógeno, fósforo y potasio en cítricos (Segunda parte)

Contenido: Cálculo de la dosis anual de abonado Determinación de las dosis anuales Optimización de las dosis estándar recomendadas Corrección según el análisis foliar Corrección según el an...
Juan Manuel Bohórquez Caro
Junta de Andalucía

Efectos del Acolchado del Suelo con Malla Negra en el Cultivo de los Cítricos

El acolchado es una técnica muy antigua, consistente en cubrir el suelo de la plantación con diferentes tipos de materiales (restos vegetales del cultivo, plástico…) con el fin de proteger el cultivo y el suelo de los agentes atmosféricos, favorecer cosechas...
Francisco José Arenas Arenas
Aurea Hervalejo García
Estefanía Romero Rodríguez
Junta de Andalucía

Illustrated Guide to Soil Taxonomy

The “Illustrated Guide to Soil Taxonomy” is presented in four parts, each covering a specific aspect of the USDA’s soil classification system (Soil Taxonomy). It is a PDF document designed for use on a PC, tablet, or smart phone. Each part contains many internal links, and...
Janis Boettinger
Joe Chiaretti
Craig Ditzler
John Galbraith
Kim Kerschen
Cam Loerch
Paul McDaniel
Shawn McVey
Curtis Monger
Phillip Owens
Mickey Ransom
Kenneth Scheffe
Joey Shaw
Mark Stolt
David Weindorf