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Zanin F.lli LTD � Systems and Machines for the Agri-food Industry

Zanin srl, produces since 1956:
- grain cleaners for cereals and seeds : rotary cleaners, sieve cleaners, air cleaners.
- grain dryers : rice dryers, corn dryers, mini dryers
- seed cleaners : mobile seed cleaners
- rice mill plants from 0,5 ton/h to 100 ton/h
- cereal shellers
- silos: square or round
- oil seed plants from sunflower, soyabean and rapessed
- bucket elevators and conveyors

zanotti alberto
via delle industrie 1
casale sul sile 31032
Phone: 390422785444
Fax: Italia
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The main function of a cleaner with aspiration is to remove light and other impurities
CM Trailer mounted Combined rotary drum cleaner with aspirator (Combi Mobile)
MOBILDRY Ready to use Mobile dryer Continuous or Recycling
MINIDRY Small dryer for small capacities
with 4 screens layers, pre and post aspiration of light impurities
recycling rice dryer
23 Oct 2013 - 3:18am

we can offer:
- white rice: parboiled, aromatic, long, medium, short
- refined sunflower oil
- sugar icmusa 45
- wheat flour
- beans and lentils
- urea 46 % prilled
we can offer also:
- rice mill plants from 1 to 500 tons per day
- seed cleaners
- grain dryers
- silos
- second hand harvesting combine, and tractors

zanotti alberto
corso Cavour nr. 17
NOVARA 28100
Phone: 390321626944
Fax: Italia
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second hand harvesting combine
seed cleaner and grader with sieves and aspiration
mobildry to dry al cereals and seeds
small grain dryer for cereal and seeds
rotary cleaner for cereal and seeds
11 Dec 2013 - 11:20am