Entrepreneurship, Farm Management, New Agribusinesses

Contracting Decision and Performance of Mexican Coffee Traders: The Role of Market Institutions

We identified and explained the contractual choices of Mexican coffee traders in selling their product and analyzed the traders´ performance. The data were obtained from personal interviews with 53 intermediaries in four coffee producing regions of the states of Oaxaca and Veracruz, Mexico....
Benigno Rodríguez-Padrón
André Ricardo Cortés Jarrín
Kees Burger
International Journal of Agricultural Marketing

El valor de la certificación ISO 9001 en las Pymes españolas dedicadas a la producción agrícola: incidencia de la crisis económica

  El principal objetivo del presente trabajo es estimar el valor de los sistemas de calidad ISO 9001 implantados por las empresas agrícolas más pequeñas en España, analizando su aportación al valor final de las organizaciones tanto antes como durante la...
J.M. Brotons
M.E. Sansalvador

Estudio de Caso Denominación de Origen del Maíz Blanco Gigante Cusco

  En el Perú la denominación de origen (DO) es un signo distintivo que ha despertado muchas expectativas principalmente de grupos de productores de pequeña escala que tienen dificultades para vincularse de manera competitiva y sostenible a los mercados con productos que...
Gladys Navarro C.
Hernando Riveros S.
Klever Flores Valenza
Jorge Quiroga Arévalo
Gualberto Sallo Huallpayunca
César Castro
Nelly Achachao

Understanding Agricultural Liability

As a farm business owner or someone who leases land for your farming operation, you face liability issues. As soon as someone enters your property, whether invited or not, you have some form of responsibility for that person’s safety. The level of this responsibility is determined by the...
John C. Becker
Lynn F. Kime
Jayson K. Harper
Ross Pifer
Penn State Extension

Owning and Leasing Agricultural Real Estate

Land is the basic resource that distinguishes agriculture from most other types of businesses because it is required for the production of crops and livestock. Land is the most valuable asset on the balance sheet of most farmers. Land is the basic resource that distinguishes agriculture from most...
Paul Goeringer
Lynn F. Kime
Jayson K. Harper
Ross Pifer
Penn State Extension

Financing Small-Scale and Part-Time Farms

Tens of thousands of households throughout Pennsylvania cherish the unique lifestyle of small-scale farming. With newcomers to farming in mind, this publication explores the available options for planning and financing a small-scale or part-time enterprise. Contents Business Climate Obtaining a...
Jeffrey S. Stokes
Gregory D. Hanson
Jayson K. Harper
Lynn F. Kime
Penn State Extension

Agricultural Business Insurance

Whether you are currently in business or deciding to start an agricultural business, insurance should be part of your risk management strategy. Risk management can take many forms, including insurance, production diversification, and business structure. Insurance shifts some of the risk from the...
Lynn F. Kime
John A. Adamik
Eugene E. Gantz
Jayson K. Harper
Penn State Extension

Budgeting for Agricultural Decision Making

Budgets are an invaluable tool for farm managers. Agricultural businesses and potential businesses should use budgets to project how profitable an enterprise may be or to analyze existing enterprises. The various types of budgets are used for different purposes and this publication provides...
Jason K. Harper
Sarah Cornelisse
Lynn F. Kime
Jeffrey Hyde
Penn State Extension

From niche to mainstream – Halal Goes Global

The halal food sector is estimated to be a trillion-dollar global market, based on the preferences of an estimated 1.6 billion Muslims around the world.This publication is the first to provide an overview of the global halal food and beverage market. It contains trade data, outlines consumer trends...
Abdalhamid Evans
Sadiq Syed
International Trade Centre

Regional identity can add value to agricultural products

  Regional identity creation is being recognized for its economic benefits and as a strategic resource for producer communities. A regional identity is not a brand; it is built through a complicated process of developing cohesion and sharing in the industry community and communicating outside...
Bradley C. Christensen
Martin Kenney
Donald Patton
California Agriculture