Entrepreneurship, Farm Management, New Agribusinesses

Sample costs to establish and produce fresh market blueberries

Sample costs to produce blueberries in the southern San Joaquin Valley – Tulare County are presented in this study. The study is intended as a guide only, and can be used to make production decisions, determine potential returns, prepare budgets and evaluate production loans. The practices...
Manuel Jimenez
Karen M. Klonsky
Richard L. De Moura
UC Davis Cooperative Extension

Guía de Gestión Económica para la Producción del Nogal, Palto, Mandarino, Olivo y Limonero en la Región de Coquimbo

El presente estudio económico abarca el establecimiento del cultivo, costos de producción, rendimiento del cultivo, mercadeo y precio, ingresos y la evaluación de un huerto con y sin funcionamiento para los siguientes frutales: nogal, palto, mandarino, olivo y limón.
Andrés Chiang Guzmán
Cornelio Contreras Seguel
Claudia Castillo Cortés
INIA Chile

Leavened Bread and Donut Made of Rice Flour

Rice can be processed into various forms of pre-mixture to make breads and cookies. The tastes and functions of rice products can be enhanced by adding natural coloring materials. To promote rice consumption, various breads and donuts were made using a mixture of wheat and rice flour. By measuring...
National Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology, Korea
Food & Fertilizer Technology Center

Small-Scale Food Processing Enterprises in Malaysia

Small-scale food enterprises have played a very important role in the Malaysian economy, particularly in terms of employment generation, better income distribution and as a training ground for entrepreneurs before they invest in larger enterprises. Small-scale food enterprises also have important...
Ghani Senik
Food Technology Research Station MARDI, Malaysia,

Fruit-Flavored Soybean Milk

Soybean milk is usually produced in its natural flavor. Consequently, its appeal to consumers is limited. A technique to add flavor, especially fruit flavors, has been devised to provide greater varieties of soybean milk, and more nutritional value for consumers. The goal is to attract additional...
Department of Agriculture, Thailand
Food and Fertilizer Technology Center (FFTC)

Manual de Buenas Prácticas Laborales para la Agricultura Chilena

    Este Manual de Buenas Prácticas Laborales tiene como objetivo contribuir sistematizar la información existente, aunar criterios e incorporar principios básicos de Responsabilidad Social Empresarial, factores que hoy en día constituyen elementos claves para...
Fundación para el Desarrollo Frutícola, Chile
Fundación para el Desarrollo Frutícola, Chile

Agricultural Cost of Capital Calculator

The Agricultural Cost of Capital Calculator is an easy to use and flexible tool for comparing short-term (trade credit, credit cards), intermediate term (machinery and equipment purchases), and long-term (real estate investments) financing alternatives. Users Guide for the Agricultural Cost of...
Jeffrey R. Stokes
Jayson K. Harper
The Pennsylvania State University, Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology

Business opportunities in the Ethiopian fruit and vegetable sector

The successful experience of the Ethiopian floriculture sector has caught the attention of future investors. This article examines the potential of the fruit and vegetable export sector. Ethiopia has excellent conditions for horticulture production and a strong support from the government. Within...
Rolien C. Wiersinga
André de Jager
LEI Wageningen UR