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How do I Prove my Production is Organic?

  Organic certification is a marketing tool. It ensures that everyone in the supply chain adheres to the organic regulations. It provides trust to the consumer and protects from fraud. You don’t need organic certification just for the sake of it. You only need it if you are going to sell...
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture

Fruta Fresca en Corea del Sur

  El mercado coreano de frutas importadas se ha incrementado en los últimos 5 años, según Korea Customs Service.  Entre las razones del aumento está la apertura del mercado y el rol de los hipermercados, considerados como uno de los factores claves...

Chilean Wine in the European market: A Positioning Mapping Approach from Germany

  Current wine marketing requires a rethinking of business strategy in order to increase the current market share and international prestige. This paper provides a comparative diagnosis of the positioning of Chilean wine in the European market, focusing on the case of Germany. The working...
Jose Diaz Osorio
Rodrigo Valdes
Nicole Hernandez
Revista de la Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias

How do I Proceed to Sell Organic Products?

  Marketing aims to enhance sales and income of a farm business while creating value for your products. There are fundamental marketing questions you may apply to your farm, for example: How can I produce what my customers need?  How can I create added value to my products? Where should...
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture

Who are the Potential Consumers of Organic Fruits and Vegetables in Central Chile? A CHAID Approach

  The demand for organic fruits and vegetables (F&V) is growing worldwide, creating market opportunities for developing countries as major suppliers. However, most export-oriented developing countries such as Chile have an undeveloped domestic market for organic products. This article...
Cristian Adasme-Berríos
Mercedes Sánchez
Roberto Jara-Rojas
Alejandra Engler
Marcelo Rodríguez
Marcos Mora
Revista de la Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias

How Do I Manage My Organic Farm?

Why invest into proper management? Did you know that as a farmer, you are the most important resource on your farm? In organic farming, improving the benefits is generally done by: first, focusing on reducing farm expenses by optimizing the use of the farm own resources and secondly, focusing on...
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture

8 Tips for Finding Buyers on the European Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Market

  Contents:  Be professional and well prepared Contact your local business support organisations Use online catalogues Visit trade fairs Use online platforms for information and promotion Participate in European support programmes Comply with buyers’ demands and requirements Be...
CBI Market Intelligence
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Cultivation of Tomato

  Tomato is one of the most widely cultivated crops in the world. It is an important source of vitamins and an important cash crop for smallholders and medium-scale commercial farmers. This Agrodok focuses on good practices for growing a healthy tomato crop and obtaining a reasonably steady...
Shankara Naika
Joep van Lidt de Jeude
Marja de Goffau
Martin Hilmi
Barbara van Dam

Raising Earthworms Successfully

  Over the past several years, many people have begun raising earthworms as a source of income or as a means of managing organic waste. Some are drawn to the business by extravagant claims of vast potential markets for earthworms in large waste disposal systems and agriculture and as a source...
Rhonda Sherman
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Alimentos Producidos Orgánicamente

  Estas directrices se han preparado con el fin de ofrecer un enfoque concertado respecto a los requisitos que socalzan la producción, el etiquetado y la producción de propiedades de los alimentos producidos orgánicamente. La finalidad de estas directrices es: Proteger a...
World Health Organization
World Health Organization