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Agritourism, Farm Visits, Agro-Tourism - Oh My! Do Farmers, Residents, and Extension Faculty Speak the Same Language?

Agritourism is one of the many labels used to describe recreational activities offered on farms and in other types of agricultural settings. However, this label is often used interchangeably with many others, such as agricultural tourism, farm tourism, agritainment, and farm visits (Colton &...
Samantha Rozier Rich
Shuangyu Xu
Carla Barbieri
Claudia Gil Arroyo
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Business management for small-scale agro-processors

  This booklet addresses micro- and small-scale entrepreneurs who wish to improve their business operations. It may not require the sophisticated business management techniques that are used by large-scale manufacturers, but simple procedures to plan, monitor and control production, finances,...
Peter Fellows
Alexandra Rottger

Is an Agritourism Venture Right for Your Farm?

Agritourism activities are becoming an important component of many agricultural operations. These activities have the potential to increase farm revenues and maintain the sustainability of the industry. According the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in 2007, 23,350 farms nationwide reported that...
Stephen Komar
Brian Schilling
Jenny Carleo
Susan Colucci
Samantha Rozier Rich
Stacy Tomas
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Farm Made: A Guide to On-Farm Processing for Organic Producers

  Organic management can bring many benefits to the farm. One of these is better net income. A major contributing factor to an improved bottom line is the premium that organic commands in most markets. However, as production increases and organic products go mainstream, premiums are likely to...
George Kuepper
Holly Born
Anne Fanatico
Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture

Fundamentals of Strategic and Tactical Business Planning

  Farmers, as other business managers, differ with regard to their long run profitability, growth patterns, and their responses to changes in the business environment within which they operate. Some farmers are challenged in a positive way by the changes that are taking place in agriculture,...
Rodney Jones
Kansas State University

Building a Business Plan for Your Farm: Important First Steps

  This paper provides some detail to assist managers and other stakeholders in taking what many consider to be the first steps of putting together a formal business plan. Referring to my example business plan outline (available on the web at www.agmanager.info), this paper basically covers the...
Rodney Jones
Kansas State University

Thinking Afresh About Processing: An Exploration of New Market Opportunities for Apple Products

  This report compiles the results of several studies focused on the markets for processed apple products. This research was conducted as part of a multidisciplinary project concerning the processing apple industry in the Northeastern United States. The purpose of the studies discussed in this...
Kristin L. Rowles
Brian M. Henehan
Gerald B. White
Cornell University

Guiding principles for responsible contract farming operations

  Contract farming can be defined as an agricultural production system carried out according to an agreement between a buyer and farmers, which establishes conditions for the production and marketing of a farm product or products. Typically, the farmer commits to providing agreed quantities of...
Caterina Pultrone
Carlos da Silva
Andrew Shepherd

Successful Family Business Transitions

  Planning for business transition or succession is a subset of the broader planning process commonly referred to as “business planning”. The business plan is intended to be a written summary of what the organization hopes to accomplish, and how it intends to accomplish those...
Rodney Jones
Kansas State University

Estudio de pre-factibilidad para el desarrollo del cultivo de frambuesa (Rubus idaeus L.) en condiciones andinas

El presente documento recoge todos los aspectos vinculados al desarrollo de un proyecto de prefactibilidad orientado al potencial desarrollo del cultivo de la frambuesa en condiciones de valles andino. La información generada proporciona en principio un análisis general y espec...
Guillermo J. Parodi
Sierra Exportadora