Entrepreneurship, Farm Management, New Agribusinesses

Guiding principles for responsible contract farming operations

  Contract farming can be defined as an agricultural production system carried out according to an agreement between a buyer and farmers, which establishes conditions for the production and marketing of a farm product or products. Typically, the farmer commits to providing agreed quantities of...
Caterina Pultrone
Carlos da Silva
Andrew Shepherd

Successful Family Business Transitions

  Planning for business transition or succession is a subset of the broader planning process commonly referred to as “business planning”. The business plan is intended to be a written summary of what the organization hopes to accomplish, and how it intends to accomplish those...
Rodney Jones
Kansas State University

Estudio de pre-factibilidad para el desarrollo del cultivo de frambuesa (Rubus idaeus L.) en condiciones andinas

El presente documento recoge todos los aspectos vinculados al desarrollo de un proyecto de prefactibilidad orientado al potencial desarrollo del cultivo de la frambuesa en condiciones de valles andino. La información generada proporciona en principio un análisis general y espec...
Guillermo J. Parodi
Sierra Exportadora

Transition Planning: 12 Steps to Keep the Family Farming

While many family-owned businesses have the long-term objective of “passing the business on to the next generation,” this is not an easy process. A great deal of planning, preparation, and communication is needed in order to accomplish the feat of moving the business from one...
Bryan Schurle
Rodney Jones
Duane Hund
Kansas State University Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service

Export Logistics for Fresh and Processed Products

Logistics now refers to procedures that range from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of end-products to consumers, and includes the planning process, implementation, and integration. In other words, it covers everything from the planning of production, to packaging and packing,...
Daniel Rodríguez Sáenz
Connie Cruz
Frank Lam
Inter–American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA)

Managing Risk on Farms Open to the Public

This publication is written for all farm businesses that invite customers onto the farm for such on-farm activities as direct farm marketing, pick-your-own (PYO), on-farm entertainment (wagon rides, hay rides, haunted houses, mazes, pony rides, slides, tricycle tracks, nature walks, enchanted...
M. Fitts
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

El gobierno de las cooperativas agroalimentarias. Factores de éxito

Las cooperativas agroalimentarias juegan un papel fundamental en la competitividad de las empresas agrarias y, por extensión, del sector agroalimentario. El aumento de la competitividad de las empresas agrarias ha estado fuertemente impulsado por el incremento de su poder de negociaci...
Narciso Arcas Lario
Francisco José Alcón Provencio
Juan Gabriel Cegarra Navarro
Miguel Hernández Espallardo
Erasmo Isidro López Becerra
Gustavo Marcos Matas
Juan Francisco Martín Ugedo
Antonio Mínguez Vera
Peter Tantius
Fundación Cajamar

Evaluating Self-Propelled Sprayer Ownership with the OwnSprayer Spreadsheet

The trend towards less tillage brought about by advances in farm chemicals, especially herbicides, has sharply increased the availability and interest in self-propelled crop sprayers that can be used for both pre- and postplant treatments. This paper accompanies the OwnSprayer computer spreadsheet...
Kevin Dhuyvetter
Rich Llewelyn
Terry Kastens
Kansas State University

Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan for Horticultural Firms

A marketing plan is essential for every horticultural business and for efficient and effective marketing of any horticultural product or service. A marketing plan serves as a road map. It establishes objectives, recommended actions, and timing for achieving the objectives. An understanding of the...
Gerald B. White
Wen-fei L. Uva
Cornell University

Evaluating Tractor Ownership with the OwnTractor Spreadsheet

In an economic analysis, machinery ownership and operating costs often are classified into the following categories: interest; depreciation; repair and maintenance; labor; fuel and lubrication; and property taxes, insurance, and shelter (TIS). Although the timing of tax...
Kevin Dhuyvetter
Rich Llewelyn
Terry Kastens
Kansas State University