International Trade of Fruit and Vegetables

CBI Competition: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

  The purchasing power of concentrated European buyers is high. Supplier power for niche products and premium produce suppliers may be somewhat higher and is expected to increase in the future in line with growing demand for tropical, exotic and off-season fruit and vegetables. The threat from...
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CBI Product Factsheet: Fresh Sweet Potatoes in Europe

  The EU market for sweet potato is small but growing considerably. The import and consumption are rapidly expanding, increasing by 100% over the last five years. European supermarkets are catering to a growing demand of exotic and ethnic food. Important destinations in Europe are the UK and...
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Boletín de Papa

  Contenido:  1. Características técnicas 2. Siembras 3. Producción 4. Rendimiento 5. Estacionalidad 6. Precio en chacra 7. Abastecimiento y precio promedio en mercado mayorista de Lima 8. Consumo Percápita 9. Normas técnicas peruanas 10. Comercio...
Miguel Quevedo
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CBI Product Factsheet: Fresh melons in Europe

  Melons, including watermelons, are one of the main fruit categories in Europe. The market is supplied by European melon producers as well as exporters from developing countries. Convenience and taste are important drivers for consumption. As a result, suppliers can increase their...
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CBI Trade Statistics: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Europe

  Fresh fruit and vegetables are one of the most important categories in European supermarkets. Over the last five years, European production and consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables have been stable. Major future developments in total market volumes are not anticipated. The Netherlands,...
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CBI Trends: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

  The main trends for the coming years will be healthy natural products, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and convenience. More integrated CSR programmes and certification programmes are introduced with increased sharing of information along the total supply chain. Meanwhile, product...
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FDA Fact Sheet: Voluntary Qualified Importer Progra- Draft Guidance At-a-Glance

A voluntary, fee-based program for the expedited review and importation of foods from importers who achieve and maintain a high level of control over the safety and security of their supply chains. See more information on: Who is eligible? What kinds of foods are allowed under VQIP? Benefits of...
US Food and Drug Administration

Decision Making Factors for Country-of-origin Agriculture Branding in International Markets: The Case of Orchids in Taiwan

The orchid is Taiwan's top flower export product. However, increasing competition from the Netherlands and China had a great impact on Taiwan's export. This research examines the question of what are the major considerations for using the Taiwanese Phalaenopsis orchid label for...
Hsin-I Hsiao
Ching-Cheng Chang
Chia-Hsuan Wu
Journal of Horticulture

El Mercado de Cerezas en el Reino Unido

  Calidad y frescura, son las principales demandas de los exigentes consumidores británicos. Las cerezas son consumidas en el Reino Unido principalmente por segmentos socio-económicos altos.  A lo anterior, se suma un incremento en el consumo de cerezas orgánicas, lo...

The State of Sustainable Markets

The first global data report on fast-growing voluntary sustainability standards outlines the share of bananas, cocoa, coffee, cotton, forestry, palm oil, soybeans, cane sugar and tea in 14 major standards. The report is based on a partnership between the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (...
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