International Trade of Fruit and Vegetables

Status, challenges and marketing opportunities for canning navy bean in Kenya

Navy bean (white bean) is an export crop with potential to signficantly improve incomes of smallholder farmers in Kenya; its production and marketing has, however, stagnated. A study was conducted to determine the status, challenges and marketing opportunities for navy bean. Primary data were...
Chemining’wa George Ndiema
Kitonyo OM
JH Nderitu
African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development (AJFAND)

Entering New Markets: A Guide for Trade Representatives

The world’s only training guide for foreign trade representatives, this unique, hands-on book explains how to promote trade abroad within the context of national trade policy and export strategies. Foreign-based trade representatives balance competing demands and multiple reporting lines....
Lloyd Downey
Bertrand J. Monrozier
International Trade Centre

CBI Market Channels and Segments: Fresh Fruit and Vegetables in Europe

  The European retail market for fresh fruit and vegetables is dominated by the supermarkets. About 60-90% of produce is sold through supermarkets, depending on the product and country. Supermarkets are demanding customers, generally with more than minimal requirements on quality and efficient...
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

How to successfully participate in International Trade Show

  The purpose of this guide, which complements previous publications of the “Agribusiness Series, Export Handbooks”, is to provide readers with a practical tool that will help them prepare for an international fair, perform successfully during the event and carry out appropriate...
Daniel Rodríguez Sáenz

Product carbon footprinting standards in the agri-food sector

Exporters of agricultural products are being required to measure and take actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their supply chains by retailers and corporations in the European Union, the United States of America and several emerging economies. Measuring the carbon footprint of a product...
Katharina Plassmann
International Trade Centre (ITC)

International Trade Contracts: A Practical Guide for Exporters

This handbook has been prepared as a brief guide for exporters and explains the main points to consider when drawing up contracts. The legal framework of the United States is used as a mayor reference in this text. It also contains fairly complex legal terminology, because although we have tried...
Luis Clemente Ventura

Export Logistics for Fresh and Processed Products

Logistics now refers to procedures that range from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of end-products to consumers, and includes the planning process, implementation, and integration. In other words, it covers everything from the planning of production, to packaging and packing,...
Daniel Rodríguez Sáenz
Connie Cruz
Frank Lam
Inter–American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA)

La contratación en el comercio internacional

El presente documento ha sido elaborado como una guía rápida de aspectos básicos que un exportador debe considerar a la hora de firmar un contrato para formalizar la relación con su cliente. Confiamos en que se constituya en un instrumento de consulta permanente para...
Luis Clemente Ventura
Instituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura, IICA

Cómo escoger y negociar con un intermediario en el extranjero

Este cuaderno, denominado Cómo escoger y negociar con un intermediario en el extranjero, informa sobre los diferentes tipos de intermediarios, cómo contactarlos, cómo seleccionarlos y cómo llevar a buen término el proceso de negociación. Confiamos en que...
Daniel Rodríguez Sáenz
Instituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura, IICA

Cómo Hacer Negocios con China

  China en ningún caso puede ser visto como un solo gran mercado. Este país es más bien una coalición de múltiples mercados con características que pueden llegar a ser incluso opuestas entre ellas sobre todo en lo que respecta a las preferencias de los...
Oficina Comercial Beijing