Fruit and Vegetable Prices from World Markets

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Willingness to Pay for Native Pollination of Blueberries: A Conjoint Analysis

This study estimates blueberry consumer reaction to a potential honey bee Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) management strategy; increased reliance upon native pollinators like the common Eastern Bumble bee (Bombus impatiens). A survey of 498 consumers was conducted using Amazon’s Mechanical...
Thomas Stevens
Aaron K. Hoshide
Francis A. Drummond
International Journal of Agricultural Marketing

Marketing Volume Transaction Analysis of Dates in Saudi Arabia

Marketing volume transaction in Saudi Arabia, including marketing characteristics, volume, prices, marketing channels, and loss analysis, were considered as study objectives. Results of the research paper showed that the average annual activity in date marketing amounted to about 820.5 tons of date...
SH Alkahtani
AM Al-Abdulkader
SM Ismaiel
International Journal of Agricultural Marketing

High Tunnel Production: The Basics for Success and Three Case Studies on Profitability

This publication summarizes a project that  took place in the Mid-Atlantic region, but high tunnels can be successfully used in a wide variety of climates and locations. They are especially profitable when located close to good markets, such as urban and periurban areas.    Contents...
No author info available
University of Maryland Extension

El Mercado de Cerezas en el Reino Unido

  Calidad y frescura, son las principales demandas de los exigentes consumidores británicos. Las cerezas son consumidas en el Reino Unido principalmente por segmentos socio-económicos altos.  A lo anterior, se suma un incremento en el consumo de cerezas orgánicas, lo...

Plan estratégico y programa de inversión para el desarrollo competitivo y sostenible de la cadena de valor de Marañon en Honduras

  Este documento integra las necesidades, los esfuerzos y la visión de las distintas organizaciones de productores, procesadores, comercializadores, instituciones (público y privado) y demás actores de la Cadena de Marañón, cada una con sus particularidades y...

Ataulfo Mango in Chiapas: A Value Chain Analysis

This report examines the Ataulfo mango value chain in Chiapas, scanning across the chain and its various actors and market linkages to put observed dynamics in context and identify opportunities. The report pays particular attention to financial flows through the chain which inform other non-...
Patrick Hanemann
Nathanael Bourns
Ivana Fertziger

Fruit and Tree Nuts Outlook, March 2012

Fruit and Tree Nuts Outlook, which is presented in a newsletter format four times a year, provides current intelligence and forecasts the effects of changing conditions in the U.S. fruit and tree nuts sector. Topics include production, consumption, shipments, trade, prices received, and more.
Kristy Plattner
Agnes Perez
Economic Research Service, USDA

Noncitrus Fruits and Nuts 2011 Preliminary Summary

Content: Noncitrus Fruits and Nuts Bearing Acreage and Yield by Crop – United States: 2009-2011 Noncitrus Fruits and Nuts Total and Utilized Production by Crop – United States: 2009-2011 Noncitrus Fruits and Nuts Price and Value by Crop – United States: 2009-2011...
National Agricultural Statistics Service
National Agricultural Statistics Service

Understanding and using market information

This Guide has been prepared to assist extension workers,and others in regular contact with farming communities, to advise farmers on how best to use market information. The Guide emphasizes the necessity to understand why farmers need information, how they can use it and benefit from its use, and...
Andrew W. Shepherd

The Coffee Exporter’s Guide - Third Edition

Guide providing information on trade practices relating to exporting coffee – presents an overview of the world coffee trade and markets; deals with international coffee contracts (Europe and United States), logistics, insurance, dispute resolution, futures markets, risk management and...
Hein Jan van Hilten
Paul J. Fisher
International Trade Centre