Fruit and Vegetable Prices from World Markets

Exporting Fresh Limes to Europe

  Table of Contents: Product information Product specification Which European markets offer opportunities for fresh lime exporters? Which trends offer opportunities on the European market for fresh lime? With which requirements should fresh limes comply to be allowed on the European market?...
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Economic Performance of Community Based Bean Seed Production and Marketing in the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia

  Limited access to seed of improved varieties is an impediment to agricultural productivity in sub-Saharan Africa. Researchers in the national and international agricultural research systems have been piloting a community based seed multiplication and marketing enterprises (CBSME) model, as...
Y. A. Tebeka
E. Katungi
J.C. Rubyogo
D. Sserunkuuma
T. Kidane
African Crop Science Journal

Economic Analysis of Shea Butter Plant in Ukum Local Government, Benue State, Nigeria

  The study investigated the economic importance of an under-utilized “tree of life” Shea butter in Benue State. Multi-stage sampling technique was used in collecting primary data from 120 farmers comprising 80 and 40 farmers that keep shea butter trees and those that do not...
D.P. Ani
G. Aondona
A. Soom
American-Eurasian Journal of Agronomy

Trade in Quinoa: Impact on the Welfare of Peruvian Communities

This report presents the results of an International Trade Centre (ITC) study looking at the impact of fluctuating global quinoa prices on rural Peruvian households dependent on the product for their basic food security. Peru is one of the world’s leading producers of quinoa. Over...
Marc Bellemare
Seth Gitter
Alexander Kasterine
Ann-Kathrin Zotz
Efrain Obregon
International Trade Center

El Mercado del Aceite de Oliva en Cuba

  Las expectativas de compras de aceite de oliva Cuba pueden mantenerse y, a futuro, podrían incrementarse con el notable crecimiento del sector turístico en Cuba, a raíz del restablecimiento de las relaciones con Estados Unidos. Para realizar negocios en Cuba, se...

El Mercado de Frutos Secos en Turquía

  Contenido:  El mercado de Nueces, Almendras y Avellanas en Turquía  La distribución y el consumo de Frutos Secos en Turquía  Principales actores en la distribución  Principales actividades y ferias especializadas para los Frutos Secos en Turqu...

Estudio sobre la Maxmización del Beneficio de las Empresas Productoras de Limones teniendo en Cuenta la Fecha de Cosecha de los Frutos

  En las variedades de limón Fino o Primofiori la recolección se suele realizar en dos cortes, en el primero se recolecta únicamente la fruta que alcanza el calibre adecuado y en el segundo se recolecta todo el limón que queda en el árbol. Los precios suelen...
J.M. Brotons
F.J. Manera
A. Conesa
I. Porras
Información Técnica Económica Agraria

Willingness to Pay for Native Pollination of Blueberries: A Conjoint Analysis

This study estimates blueberry consumer reaction to a potential honey bee Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) management strategy; increased reliance upon native pollinators like the common Eastern Bumble bee (Bombus impatiens). A survey of 498 consumers was conducted using Amazon’s Mechanical...
Thomas Stevens
Aaron K. Hoshide
Francis A. Drummond
International Journal of Agricultural Marketing

Marketing Volume Transaction Analysis of Dates in Saudi Arabia

Marketing volume transaction in Saudi Arabia, including marketing characteristics, volume, prices, marketing channels, and loss analysis, were considered as study objectives. Results of the research paper showed that the average annual activity in date marketing amounted to about 820.5 tons of date...
SH Alkahtani
AM Al-Abdulkader
SM Ismaiel
International Journal of Agricultural Marketing

High Tunnel Production: The Basics for Success and Three Case Studies on Profitability

This publication summarizes a project that  took place in the Mid-Atlantic region, but high tunnels can be successfully used in a wide variety of climates and locations. They are especially profitable when located close to good markets, such as urban and periurban areas.    Contents...
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University of Maryland Extension