Fruit and Vegetable Prices from World Markets

How Much Do Fruits and Vegetables Cost?

Federal dietary guidance advises Americans to consume more vegetables and fruits because most Americans do not consume the recommended quantities or variety. Food prices, along with taste, convenience, income, and awareness of the link between diet and health, shape food choices. We used 2008...
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USDA Economic Research Service

Fruit and Tree Nuts Outlook November 2010

U.S. Citrus Production Forecast Up in 2010/11 USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) forecasts 2010/11 U.S. citrus production at 11.9 million tons, up 9 percent from last season and virtually the same as 2 seasons ago. Production of all citrus crops is forecast higher than...
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Vegetables and Melons Outlook, Jun 2010

Several months after freezing weather in January devastated the Florida winter tomato crop and a cool spring slowed growth of the spring crop, domestic fresh-market tomato shipments have recovered. By the last of May, shipments from Florida were back to full seasonal volume. Unfortunately, the...
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USDA Economic Research Service

U.S. Mango Market Forecast

You will find the forecast of mango shipments to the U.S. This forecast is based on information from countries currently shipping and countries planning to ship soon to the U.S. This document is updated when new information is available.
National Mango Board
National Mango Board

Weekly Report of U.S. Retail Prices for Fruit & Vegetables

This weekly report list U.S. retail average prices for fresh produce. Prices are calculated from advertised prices of fruit and vegetables at major U.S. retail supermarkets.
USDA Agricultural Marketing Service
USDA Agricultural Marketing Service