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Import intelligence study: Wine in Bolivia

Bolivia offers opportunities for European wine importers. 99% of all Bolivian vineyards are situated at an altitude between 1,600 and 3,000 metres above sea level. There is no other wine production country in the world with these characteristics. And there are many ancestral vineyards with vines of...
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs

WIC fruit and vegetable vouchers: Small farms face barriers in supplying produce

By October 2009, all 50 states had implemented a revised WIC program with produce vouchers for millions of eligible families. USDA economists had projected the vouchers would raise net farm revenues by $76 million. In response to such a significant policy change and market opportunity, a UC...
S. D. Hardesty
A. Baameur
J. L. Aguiar
M. J. Jimenez
Y. Zeltser
L. L. Kaiser
California Agriculture

Regional identity can add value to agricultural products

Regional identity creation is being recognized for its economic benefits and as a strategic resource for producer communities. A regional identity is not a brand; it is built through a complicated process of developing cohesion and sharing in the industry community and communicating outside the...
B. C. Christensen
M. Kenney
D. Patton
California Agriculture

China - Raisin Annual 2015

China is the world’s third largest producer of raisins behind the United States and Turkey. Post forecasts China’s MY2015/16 raisin production at 190,000 tons, an increase of 5 percent over USDA’s MY2014/15 official estimate. The increase is driven by the greater availability of...
USDA Foreign Agricultural Service

La Actividad Citrícola Argentina

Estadisticas y estimaciones 2014/2015 Contenido: Producción de frutas cítricas frescas en países seleccionados Producción y exportación de frutas cítricas frescas, mundial y de la República Argentina Participación Argentina en la...

Certified Cacao in Europe

Many European importers, manufacturers and retailers are committed to sourcing 100% “sustainable” cacao in the near future. The share of certified cacao worldwide increased to 22% in 2012. The fact that around 30-50% of the certified supply was eventually not sold as certified is a...
CBI Market Intelligence

Estudio Nicho de Mercado Hispano EEUU

Los hispanos son más de 52 millones de personas y son una comunidad influyente en todos los ámbitos. La sociedad hispana se ha tornado en un motor clave para la economía de los Estados unidos. Su poder adquisitivo en 2010 se fijó en un millón de millones de d...
Oficina Comercial de Chile en Miami

Tracking Demographics and U.S. Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Patterns

Many factors have affected food consumption patterns over the last twenty-five years. In the following pages we will explore these trends in more detail and consider the impact of current trends on future consumption. Key consumer trends that affect food consumption include: the demand for foods...
Roberta Cook
UC Davis

Fair Trade: Productos Alimenticios

Según Fair Trade USA Estados Unidos es actualmente el mayor mercado del mundo para los productos con sello Fair Trade, con más de 11.000 productos disponibles en los principales supermercados en Estados Unidos, así como miles de restaurantes, cafeterías y tiendas...
ProChile Nueva York, EE.UU.

CBI Product Fact Sheet: Fresh Chilli Peppers in the European Market

‘Practical market insight on your product’ The European market for fresh Chilli Peppers is steadily growing year after year. With this product factsheet CBI supports developing countries’ (DC) exporters with essential information to enhance their exports of Chilli peppers to the...
Piet Schotel
LEI Wageningen UR