Fresh Produce and Food Industry Marketing Research

Exporting Fresh Limes to Europe

  Table of Contents: Product information Product specification Which European markets offer opportunities for fresh lime exporters? Which trends offer opportunities on the European market for fresh lime? With which requirements should fresh limes comply to be allowed on the European market?...
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Economic Performance of Community Based Bean Seed Production and Marketing in the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia

  Limited access to seed of improved varieties is an impediment to agricultural productivity in sub-Saharan Africa. Researchers in the national and international agricultural research systems have been piloting a community based seed multiplication and marketing enterprises (CBSME) model, as...
Y. A. Tebeka
E. Katungi
J.C. Rubyogo
D. Sserunkuuma
T. Kidane
African Crop Science Journal

The Role of Women in Cassava Production in Awgu L.G.A, of Enugu State, Nigeria

  This research work explores the role of women in cassava processing in Agwu Local Government Area of Enugu State. A total of 60 questionnaires were collected after the field survey. The data collected were analyzed based on the objectives of the research work using tables and...
Miriam Mgbakor
Helen Ogochukwu Nwamba
American-Eurasian Journal of Agronomy

Economic Analysis of Shea Butter Plant in Ukum Local Government, Benue State, Nigeria

  The study investigated the economic importance of an under-utilized “tree of life” Shea butter in Benue State. Multi-stage sampling technique was used in collecting primary data from 120 farmers comprising 80 and 40 farmers that keep shea butter trees and those that do not...
D.P. Ani
G. Aondona
A. Soom
American-Eurasian Journal of Agronomy

Climate Change and the Agri-Food Trade - Perceptions of Exporters in Peru and Uganda

  Contents: Introduction Chapter 1 Climate change and agri-food trade in developing countries Chapter 2 Research methods Chapter 3 Perceptions of agri-food exporters in Uganda Chapter 4 Perceptions of agri-food exporters in Peru Chapter 5 Conclusions and recommendations Apendix 1 Survey...
A. Kasterine
A. Butt
H. de Beule
J. Karami-Dekens
M. Keller
S. Mebratu
S. Nossal
S. K. Slingerland
J. Yearwood
International Trade Center

Trade in Quinoa: Impact on the Welfare of Peruvian Communities

This report presents the results of an International Trade Centre (ITC) study looking at the impact of fluctuating global quinoa prices on rural Peruvian households dependent on the product for their basic food security. Peru is one of the world’s leading producers of quinoa. Over...
Marc Bellemare
Seth Gitter
Alexander Kasterine
Ann-Kathrin Zotz
Efrain Obregon
International Trade Center

CBI Competition: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Europe

  Contents:  Introduction Market entry: Which opportunities and barriers will I face when trying to enter the European market? Product competition: What are substitute products?  Company competition: Who are my rivals?
CBI Market Intelligence
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Aprovechamiento de los Residuos del Membrillo (Cydonia oblonga L.) como Fuente de Compuestos Bioactivos

  Nuestras ciudades generan cada vez más cantidad de residuos cuya disposición final se realiza en botaderos a cielo abierto constituyendo un problema para la salud pública, además los elevados volúmenes suponen importantes costos de recolección. Pese...
Mario Espinoza
Elvia Gómez
Julio Aguilar
Jhonatan Cabanillas
Miguel Santa Cruz
Iris Rodríguez
Raúl Ríos
Ivette Zuta
Raúl Siche
Agroindustrial Science

Evaluación de la Calidad Interna en Especialidades de Pimientos: Sustancias Nutritivas y Bioactivas

  El pimiento junto al tomate son los cultivos más importantes en invernadero en España. La introducción comercial en la industria agroalimentaria de los productos mini, en particular las diferentes especialidades de pimiento, puede contemplarse como una buena perspectiva...
M.A. Domene
J.C. Gázquez
M.D. Segura
D.E. Meca
Cajamar Caja Rural

Evaluación de la Sostenibilidad del Olivar en Andalucía: Una Propuesta Metodológica

  El sector del olivar de Andalucía ha experimentando importantes cambios en los últimos años, motivados principalmente por la expansión y la intensificación de su cultivo. Esta evolución está provocando diferentes problemas que ponen en duda la...
José A. Gómez-Limón
Cajamar Caja Rural