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Fruit and Tree Nuts Outlook, May 28, 2010

The index of prices received by fruit and tree nut growers fell 9 percent from the March index. Pushing down the index were significant grower price declines for grapefruit and strawberries in April from the previous month. These price declines more than offset price gains for other citrus crops...
Agnes Perez
Erik Dohlman
Kristy Plattner
USDA Economic Research Service

3-Year Import Trends for Mangos

This document produced by the National Mango Board summarizes monthly import volumes from 2007 to 2009 for the top 6 mango supplying countries to the United States.  It is based on USDA FAS (Foreign Agricultural Service) data.  
National Mango Board
National Mango Board

Mango Crop Forecast Report Updated

  The National Mango Board is working with organizations in the mango-producing countries to get projections of what will be shipped to the U.S. This document contains information from the countries currently shipping or planning to ship in the near future to the United States and does not...
National Mango Board
National Mango Board

Local Food Systems: Concepts, Impacts, and Issues

This comprehensive overview of local food systems explores alternative definitions of local food, estimates market size and reach, describes the characteristics of local consumers and producers, and examines early indications of the economic and health impacts of local food systems. There is no...
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Michael Hand
Michelle Da Pra
Susan Pollack
Katherine Ralston
Travis Smith
Stephen Vogel
Shellye Clark
Luanne Lohr
Sarah Low
Constance Newman
USDA Economic Research Service

America’s Organic Farmers Face Issues and Opportunities

Organic agriculture has established a foothold in many U.S. farm sectors, particularly among horticultural specialties, but the overall use of organic practices lags behind that of many other countries. Recent data from several producer surveys illustrate notable differences and similarities...
Catherine Greene
Edward Slattery
William D. McBride
USDA Economic Research Service

Vegetables and Melons Yearbook Data-Set May, 2010

Production, acreage, value, prices, imports, exports, per capita use, and beginning stocks for major fresh market and processed vegetables, 1970 onward. Also includes data for potatoes, sweet potatoes, dry beans and peas, and fresh and processed mushrooms. Data-set updated May 2010
USDA Economic Research Service
USDA Economic Research Service

Cold Storage US April, 2010

This file contains the regional and national end-of-month stocks of meats, dairy products, poultry products, fruits, nuts, and vegetables in public, private and semi-private refrigerated warehouses.

Reporte de inteligencia de mercados de la cebolla

La cebolla se produce en alrededor de 175 países de todo el mundo, abarcando una superficie de poco más de 3.4 millones de hectáreas. La producción en el 2007 superó los 60 millones de toneladas, con una tendencia a aumentar para los próximos años,...
Región La Libertad
Región La Libertad, Perú

Reporte de Inteligencia de Mercados: Palta peruana, producto que va creciendo en el paladar del mundo

Se estima que la producción de palta alcanzó en el 2008 3’546,685 toneladas, decreciendo con respecto al 2007 en -1.3%, por efecto de lo sucedido en México, principal productor de palta en el mundo, cuya producción cayó en 1.6%, así mismo, Colombia (-...
Región La Libertad
Región La Libertad, Perú

Local Food Consumers: How Motivations and Perceptions Translate to Buying Behavior

Emerging market demand for local foods represents an interesting phenomenon, as small-scale direct markets operate side by side in communities with much larger competitors, such as food supercenters, which also seek to procure locally grown produce. Moreover, the wide spread differentiation of...
Yuko Onozaka
Gretchen Nurse
Dawn Thilmany McFadden
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