Fresh Produce and Food Industry Marketing Research

Mercado Internacional para Duraznos Deshidratados

El durazno deshidratado chileno presenta un gran potencial de exportación a varios países del mundo, principalmente gracias a la red de Acuerdos Comerciales que Chile ha firmado. Así el durazno deshidratado puede exportarse desde Chile libre del pago de aranceles de importaci...

Marketing Options for Grapes and Grape Products

There are a wide variety of market channels available for grapes and products made from grapes. This publication provides an overview of the various types of market channels available for grape growers and explores their potential as outlets for regional grape producers. It is not intended as a...
Pamela Brady
Michael Thomsen
Justin R. Morris
University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture

Vegetables and Melons Outlook, Feb 2010

Comprehensive outlook of the vegetable and melon industry in the U.S. Includes: Industry overview, Fresh-Market Vegetables, Processing Vegetables, Potatoes, Dry Edible Beans, and Dry Peas & Lentils.
Gary Lucier
Lewrene Glaser
USDA Economic Research Service

Natural Ingredients for Pharmaceuticals and for the Food Industry

Overview and market access information for producers and international trading companies. The trade in ingredients for the food and pharmaceutical industry is an issue where safety matters and development interests meet and where over the past few years the regulations and standards are becoming...
Klaus Dürbeck
Franziska Staubli

The fruit and vegetable market in Switzerland

Overview of the market and access information for international trading companies. In a European comparison, Switzerland has a small fruit and vegetable market. However, it is well developed and is characterised by supplies of exceptionally high quality. Half of all consumed fruit and vegetables...
Marjorie Chevalley

Cold Storage 2009 Summary

This file contains the annual regional and national totals for end-of-month holdings of meat, dairy products, poultry products, fruits, nuts and vegetables in public, private, and semi-private refrigerated warehouses.

Cold Storage, 2010

This file contains the regional and national end-of-month stocks of meats, dairy products, poultry products, fruits, nuts, and vegetables in public, private and semi-private refrigerated warehouses.

Global cassava market study: Business opportunities for the use of cassava

The study is divided into two parts. Part 1 refers to domestic market opportunities, while Part 2 refers to export market opportunities. Within each part the main cassava markets are examined in different chapters for fresh and processed cassava, cassava flour, cassava starch and cassava chips for...
Guy Henry
Andrew Graffham
Andrew Westby
Olivier Vilpoux
Marco Tulio Ospina
Boonjit Titapiwatanakun
Daphne Taylor
Truman Phillips

Cassava in Latin America and the Caribbean

This study presents cassava’s trends in production, trade, and utilization for Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Haiti, Paraguay, Peru, and Venezuela. This report also analyses the constraints and opportunities for system development in these countries.
Clair Hershey
Guy Henry
Rupert Best
Carlos Iglesias

Export Opportunities to Greece

Greece is a net-importer of agricultural goods and a large consumer of U.S. tree nuts, field crops, and fish-related products. In addition to offering U.S. producers a range of export opportunities, Greece also presents several areas for further agriculture-related investment. Greece mostly exports...
Cynthia Barmore