Fresh Produce and Food Industry Marketing Research

Café: Cadena Agroproductiva

  Contenido:  Introducción Características del Cultivo Variedades Comerciales Principales Zonas Productoras de Café en el Perú  Condiciones Agro-climáticas Importancia Agroeconómica Superficie Cosechada Producción nacional Rendimiento...
Ministerio de Agricultura y Riego
Ministerio de Agricultura y Riego

Which Trends Offer Opportunities on the European Cut Flowers and Foliage Market?

  The main trends for the coming years are increasing attention to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), achieving further increases in market share and supermarket concentration and increasing importance of ICT and e-commerce. Preconditions for a good position on the market are sustainably...
Milco Rikken
LEI Wageningen UR
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs

EI Mercado de Plantas Ornamentales en Polonia

  Contenidos:  La posición de la producción de ornamentales Flor cortada Planta en maceta Importacion y exportación Mercado y consumo
Horticultura Internacional
Horticultura Internacional

Which Trends Offer Opportunities on the European Coffee Market?

  European demand for spices and herbs is growing. This is mainly due to trends such as healthy living, interest in new tastes and convenience. Due to high prices and a sense of scarcity, European buyers are increasingly willing to buy from smaller suppliers. You can find opportunities...
CBI Market Intelligence
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Update on the South African Deciduous Fruit Supply and Demand

  Apple production is forecasted to increase by two percent to 980,000 MT in the 2016/17 MY, based on the increase in area planted, new plantings coming into full production and normal weather conditions. Post forecasts that South African apple exports will increase by about four percent to...
Wellington Sikuka

Tree Nuts Annual

  Bulgaria is a growing market for tree nuts, especially for almonds and walnuts. The country is a net importer of almonds which is the leading premium nut on the market and enjoys stable and increasing demand. The Unites States is the main supplier for the market through direct and indirect...
Mila Boshnakova

Diversificación con Frambuesa

  El objetivo del presente trabajo fue analizar el impacto micro-económico que produce la introducción del cultivo de frambuesa en una pyme hortícola de Coronda, dedicada esencialmente a la producción de frutillas.El patrón de diversificación actual es...
Mariana Travadelo
María del Huerto Sordo
María del Huerto Sordo
Cristian Pernuzzi
Ricardo Perren
Norberto Gariglio
Mariela Maina
Noelia Rossler
María C. Brizi
Andrés Carboni
Revista de la Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias

Aceptación de Variedades Tradicionales de Tomate en Mercados Locales: Un Estudio de Valoración Contingente

  Una alternativa a la creciente globalización alimentaria son los cultivos de variedades agrícolas locales y su comercialización a través de canales cortos o mercados locales. Sin embargo, muchas de las variedades tradicionales autóctonas adolecen de...
L. Martínez-Carrasco
M. Brugarolas-Mollá
A. Martínez-Poveda
J.J. Ruiz-Martínez
S. García-Martínez
Información Técnica Económica Agraria

Deciduous Fruit Annual Report

  Deciduous fruit production is foreseen to recover in 2016, despite episodes of high temperature variations. Demand for fresh products will remain solid, encouraged by local regulations imposed on retailers. Imports are expected to fill in the gap between local production and consumer demand...
Monica Dobrescu

CBI Product Factsheet: Fresh Beans and Pulses in Germany

  Beans and pulses form an important part of the German diet. You can add value to your products by differentiating them in the market, for example through storytelling and employing best-practice social and environmental practices. The best time to target the German market is in the long off-...
Jos Leeters
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs