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Agricultural Cost of Capital Calculator

The Agricultural Cost of Capital Calculator is an easy to use and flexible tool for comparing short-term (trade credit, credit cards), intermediate term (machinery and equipment purchases), and long-term (real estate investments) financing alternatives. Users Guide for the Agricultural Cost of...
Jeffrey R. Stokes
Jayson K. Harper
The Pennsylvania State University, Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology

NAFTA at 15: Building on Free Trade

An extended analysis of the 14-year implementation process. During this time, the agricultural sectors of Canada, Mexico, and the United States have become much more integrated and trading among these countries has grown dramatically.
Steven Zahniser
Zachary Crago
USDA Economic Research Service

Trade and Development When Exports Lack Diversification: A Case Study from Malawi

Developing countries, particularly those that depend heavily on a small number of agricultural exports, are vulnerable to domestic and international shocks. These countries often have difficulty achieving sustained economic growth. This analysis uses Malawi, a country that earns most of its...
Suresh Chand Persaud
Birgit Gisela Saager Meade
USDA Economic Research Service

Business opportunities in the Ethiopian fruit and vegetable sector

The successful experience of the Ethiopian floriculture sector has caught the attention of future investors. This article examines the potential of the fruit and vegetable export sector. Ethiopia has excellent conditions for horticulture production and a strong support from the government. Within...
Rolien C. Wiersinga
André de Jager
LEI Wageningen UR

Imports From China and Food Safety Issues

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) increased attention to food imports from China is an indicator of safety concerns as imported food becomes more common in the United States. U.S. food imports from China more than tripled in value between 2001 and 2008. Addressing safety risks...
Fred Gale
Jean C. Buzby
USDA Economic Research Service

The Globalization of Agribusiness and Developing World Food Systems

  The issue of the global concentration of agribusiness is crucial to the future of the food systems of developing (and poor, non-developing) countries. These countries have been a target of corporate investments from the outset of the industrial food system. This process has been uneven...
John Wilkinson
Monthly Review

Russia’s Growing Agricultural Imports: Causes and Outlook

Russia is the second largest agricultural importer among emerging markets. Agricultural imports have grown from $7 billion in 2,000 to $33 billion (U.S. Dollars). The report analyzes the reasons for this growth as well as how expectation for the future.
William Liefert
Olga Liefert
Mathew Shane
USDA Economic Research Service

The Japanese Market for Oranges

Japan is a large market for U.S. oranges, and most of Japan’s orange consumption is supplied by U.S. exports. Orange consumption and imports grew until 1994, but have declined since. Demographic shifts are linked to changing orange consumption: older birth cohorts eat more oranges, and...
Hiroshi Mori
John Dyck
Susan Pollack
Kimiko Ishibashi
USDA Economic Research Service

Declining Orange Consumption in Japan: Generational Changes or Something Else?

Japan is a leading market for U.S. oranges. Since 1995, orange consumption in Japan has declined. This report summarizes an analysis of household survey data to assess various factors that may be related to the decline. Consumption of oranges in Japan differs markedly across generations, with...
Hiroshi Mori
Dennis Clason
Kimiko Ishibashi
William D. Gorman
John Dyck
USDA Economic Research Service

The Effects of Avian Influenza News on Consumer Purchasing Behavior: A Case Study of Italian Consumers’ Retail Purchases

To better understand how information about potential health hazards influences food demand, this case study examines consumers’ responses to newspaper articles on avian influenza, informally referred to as bird fl u. The focus here is on the response to bird fl u information in Italy as news...
Robert H. Beach
Fred Kuchler
Ephraim Leibtag
Chen Zhen
USDA Economic Research Service