1-2-3 of Fruit Fly Population Monitoring (Agro-ecosystem Analysis)

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Guidelines for IPM Farmers and Trainers
Agro-ecosystem Analysis (AESA) is robust tool commonly used by IPM farmers and trainers to monitor the population of pests, natural enemies, and weather and soil conditions along with other need based details on crop ecosystems to make informed decision on crop management.
Bactrocera dorsalis (Oriental Fruit Fly, OFF), B. cucurbitae (melon fly) and B. correcta (Guava Fruit Fly), are endemic pests of reproductive stages of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and non-crop hosts in tropical and sub-tropical Asia. Due to large number of hosts, wide dispersal and movements of fruit flies individual fieldbased monitoring and consequently management cannot be employed. Therefore, IPM trainers and farmers need to adopt and adapt the AESA for FF monitoring (on area-wide basis) to be able to accurately monitor fruit fly populations and plan and implement location and situation specific “best-bet” management strategies

Prabhat Kumar
Vijaysegaran Shanmugam
Abubakar AlmaLinda
Jan Willem Ketelaar
Asian Fruit Fly IPM Project