Application of Various Pruning Treatments for Improving Productivity and Fruit Quality of Crimson Seedless Grapevine

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The present study was carried out to estimate the effect of cane length on Crimson Seedless grapevine variety productivity. To achieve this goal, experimental treatments were carried out during two successive seasons (2010 and 2011) on own rooted Crimson Seedless vines. The vines were 5 years old and grown in a sandy loam soil under drip irrigation system. They were subjected to six pruning treatments. The results cleared that, bud behavior was significantly affected by pruning treatments. Pruning at long canes (10 buds / cane) recorded the highest fruitful buds percentage as well as the lost bud burst percentage while the opposite was true with respect short pruning (2 buds / cane, spur pruning). As a general conclusion, the yield per vine as well as some physical properties of cluster progressively increased by increasing cane length. Generally, under the condition of this trial, it could be mention that pruning Crimson Seedless grapevines canes at 8 buds up to 10 buds / cane were considered the most optimum treatment to increase vine yield and fruit quality. 

M.A. Abdel-Mohsen
World Journal of Agricultural Sciences