Argentina Citrus Semi-annual 2010

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USDAGAIN.jpgFresh lemon production for CY 2009/10 is forecast at 1 million MT, unchanged from USDA’s previous estimate for the year, but down from the 1.4 million tons now estimated for 2008/09, due to drought and frosts this growing cycle. Fresh orange production for 2009/10 is lowered to 750,000 MT from USDA’s previous forecast of 840,000 MT, while production was revised upward to 900,000 tons for the previous year. Tangerine production is also expected to decrease as a result of heavy rains, now revised to 300,000 MT for 2009/10, while 2008/09 production was revised upward to 400,000 tons. Fresh grapefruit production for 2009/10 is revised downward to 200,000 MT from USDA’s previous estimate of 225,000 tons, and 2008/09 grapefruit production is revised to 237,000 tons. Exports of lemons and oranges are projected to increase due mainly to the recovery of international markets. Tangerine exports are expected to remain stable, and grapefruit exports are forecast to decrease due to reduced international demand.

Maria Julia Balbi