Argentina - Fresh Deciduous Fruit Annual

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CY 2013 fresh apple, pear, and table grape production is estimated to rebound to relatively normal levels of 1.03 MMT, 820,000 MT, and 141,000 MT, respectively, due to favorable weather conditions, and also as a result of the natural lifecycle of plants, which allows fruit blossom heavier one season and lighter the following season. CY 2013 is expected to be this “heavier” season. However, for apples and pears, production is projected to be slightly smaller than in CY 2011, which was a very good season, as pruning and other tasks are not being carried out appropriately, and this might affect fruit volumes and qualities in the upcoming season.
CY 2012 fresh apple, pear, and table grape production is expected to remain unchanged at 860,000 MT, 760,000 MT, and 110,000 MT, respectively, compared to latest USDA official estimates. Production for apples and pears is forecast to decrease substantially, compared to CY 2011, as a result of unfavorable weather conditions, mainly hail storms during harvest, which affected fruit volumes and quality, and to a lesser extent, bee mortality, which prevented regular pollination due to ash contamination from the eruption of Puyehue volcano in Chile. Moreover, the harvest was delayed as a consequence of small fruit size resulting from high temperatures, excess rain, and strong winds, which affected seed formation. The decrease of fresh table grape production was due to late frosts during springtime.

Maria Julia Balbi