Augmentation of Parasitoids for Biological Control of Citrus Blackfly in Southern Texas

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Two parasitoid species, Amitus hesperidum Silvestri and Encarsia opulenta (Silvestri), were released in an augmentative program to control citrus blackfly, Aleurocanthus woglumi Ashby, in the citrus growing areas of southern Texas. Releases were made with laboratoryreared and field insectary parasitoids. Six citrus groves were closely monitored, and evaluations made during and after releases suggested that both parasitoid species became reestablished and exerted control over pest populations. Dissection of citrus blackfly immatures led us to suggest that E. opulenta increased in larger numbers than A. hesperidum, and that a stable host-natural enemy relationship became established.

R. L. Meagher
J. Victor French
Florida Entomologist