Australia - Stone Fruit Annual

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Total cherry production for MY2013 is forecast at 12,000 MT, up 9 percent on the revised estimate of 11,000 MT for MY2012. Favorable weather conditions in the lead-up to, and during, the MY2013 crop harvest are expected to support higher production. The production estimate for MY2012 was revised downward (500 MT) due to untimely rains in New South Wales which led to some crop damages and cracking of the fruit.
Australian cherries are produced in six states, with New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania being the three largest producers. Tasmania has had a rapid expansion in plantings and has a strong export focus, enhanced by its relative pest and disease free status. Both Western Australia and Queensland are relatively small producers primarily focusing on the domestic market.
Australian cherries are available from mid-to-late October to late February. Over the longer term, the trade expects Australian cherry production to reach as high as 15,000 tons by 2015.

Joe Carroll