Biological Control of Erosion of Banana Drains in Côte D’ivoire

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The erosion of drains is a major limitation of the quality, the increasing of banana production and the environmental protection of industrial banana in Côte d'Ivoire. It leads inundations, death of banana trees and significant loss of production. Thence, the construction and the maintenance of drain costs too much and causes injure, snake bite, physical traumatisms, many diseases, … These events compromise the sustainable production of banana by reducing seriously worker’s the activities and finally increase the cost of production. The aim of the present work is to contribute to the sustainable development and human capacity building in the third world nations as far as banana production is concerned. The methods used so far to address this phenomenon proved inefficient. The technology innovation in this area has been to grow grass on the outer edges of the channels drained water. This resulted in a systematic reduction of erosion. Better still, it helped fertilize the soil, reduce the deportations of fertilizer and improve the quality of landscape of the plantations. Stenotaphrum secondatum is the best vegetable specie adapted to the biological control against water erosion of drains.

Kouadio Y. Prosper
Boraud N’Takpé Kama Maxime
Tiébré Marie-Solange
Djakalia Ouattara
Edouard Kouakou N’guessan
Scientific Research Publishing