Bosnia and Herzegovina - Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards

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Under the Dayton Peace Agreement, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is divided into two Entities, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (F BiH) and the Republika Srpska (RS). In general, both Entities are responsible for agricultural and food issues in its Entity, and there is no national-level agricultural ministry. However, BiH has three common national-level food institutions: the State Veterinary Office, the Plant Health Administration, and the Food Safety Agency. The European Union (EU) has recommended the establishment of a national-level agricultural ministry, which will ensure that BiH has one competent food authority when negotiations for EU accession begin. In the absence of a national agricultural ministry, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations (MFTER) has taken the lead in food safety. An agricultural department supported with EU funds has been established within the MFTER, as the nucleus for the future agricultural ministry.

Sanela Stanojcic-Eminagic