Brazil Citrus Semi-annual 2010

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In U.S. MY 2009/10, the Brazilian orange crop is estimated at 398 MBx, down 29 MBx from U.S. MY 2008/09, due to weather related problems and limited investment in crop management. The Sao Paulo and western Minas Gerais commercial areas should produce 296 MBx. Total FCOJ production (65 Brix equivalent) for U.S. MY 2009/10 is forecast at 1.33 mmt (65 Brix), similar to the previous marketing year. FCOJ equivalent exports for MY 2009/10 are projected at 1.32 mmt (65 Brix), relatively stable compared to the previous marketing year.

The Agricultural Trade Office (ATO)/Sao Paulo estimates the U.S. MY 2009/10 (July-June) Brazilian orange crop at 398 million 40.8 kg boxes (Mbx), a 7 percent drop relative to the previous season. The commercial area of the state of Sao Paulo and the western part of Minas Gerais are expected to produce 296 Mbx, down 10 percent from the previous crop (330 MBx). Note that this figure takes into account the four major varieties of citrus used for processing orange juice (Hamlin, Pera Rio, Natal and Valencia) plus a limited volume (10 million boxes) of other citrus varieties such as Lima, Bahia, Murcorte and Poncan which are used for processing juice. Production from other states is projected at 102 MBx, according to updated information provided by the Brazilian Geography and Statistics Institute (IBGE).

Sergio Barros