Caribbean Hot Pepper Production and Post Harvest Manual

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This manual describes the best practices in all aspects of commercial hot pepper production and post-harvest handling, utilising materials, technologies and support services that are generally available to the Caribbean producer. The manual incorporates the principles of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for the production and delivery of hot peppers to consumers as a safe, wholesome commodity. The content of the manual is divided into four main parts. Part 1 gives key information for choosing an appropriate marketing strategy based on the quality demands of the various marketing outlets, selecting the most suitable varieties to meet those demands and indicates the agronomic requirements of the crop so that an appropriate cropping system may be designed. Part 2 describes in detail the required crop management programmes to grow and harvest a healthy productive crop of hot peppers. Part 3 which deals with post harvest aspects, explains the on-farm and off farm handling and post harvest practices that ensure that the hot peppers reach the buyer in the best possible condition. Part 4 gives information on yields and productivity and includes an example of a price cost analysis. Additionally, country specific information relevant to the production and post-harvest aspects of hot peppers in Belize is included in the sleeve of the manual.

Anil Sinha
Joan Petersen