CBI Product Factsheet: Fresh Pomelo in Europe

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Pomelos are imported via the same ports in Europe as other fruit, most notably in the Netherlands. The supply per country varies depending on production volume and the demand in the producing country. Fresh pomelos are a niche market in most European markets. Eastern and Central Europe has a steady demand for fresh pomelos, while opportunities in Western Europe can be triggered by active promotion and excellent taste. 

The pomelo or pummelo (Citrus maxima or Citrus grandis) is a fruit originating from Asia. Pomelos are pale green to yellow. It is the biggest kind of citrus fruit and can weigh up to 2 kilogram. The minimum required size of marketable pomelo is a diameter of 10 cm and a weight of 400 gram. Pomelos are grown in tropical or subtropical regions. 

Michel Peperkamp
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs