China - Marketing U.S. Fresh Deciduous Fruits in South China

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Though the pace of China’s economic growth slowed down in 2012, demand for high quality imported fresh deciduous fruit was not significantly impacted. In the first nine months of 2012, the import value of fresh fruit imports from the world was on a steady rise, approximately up 33 percent up from the same period in 2011. The consumption of imported table grapes was up 26 percent, while the value of imported apples decreased 10 percent. However, U.S. table grape imports increased 44 percent, while U.S. apple imports were up 2 percent despite a 19 percent decrease from the lack of direct shipments to Shanghai as a result of stricter inspection procedures. Abundant domestic supplies plus increasing imports from Chile, France, Peru, South Africa, and New Zealand have created a new competitive market environment for U.S. fresh deciduous fruit in Mainland China. Record high retail prices for several U.S. fruit and new China’s inspection procedures might limit further prospects of U.S. fresh deciduous fruit exports in 2013.

May Liu