Colour changes during storage of apple cv. Red Delicious- influence of harvest dates, precooling, calcium chloride and waxing

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Colour is an important quality parameter which determines consumer acceptability of fruits like apple. It depends on many harvesting and postharvest factors. Present study was carried out to determine the influence of harvest dates, precooling, calcium chloride, wax coating and storage conditions on colour of apple cv Red delicious. It was evaluated by sensory analysis, L* , a* , b* values using chromometer and anthocyanin content. Fruits from three harvest dates (H1 , H2 and H3 ) were subjected to various treatments. The treatments included T1 (shade cooling), T2 (Hydrocooling), T3 (Hydrocooling + calcium chloride), T4 (Hydrocooling + wax) and T5 (Hydrocooling + calcium chloride + wax). Samples were stored under ambient and refrigerated condition for 100 days to monitor colour changes. There was colour degradation as indicated by increase in L* and b* values and decrease in a* values during storage. In general T5 (Hydrocooling + CaCl2 + wax) showed lowest changes in all the studied parameters and T1 (shadecooling) showed highest changes under both the storage conditions. Among the treatments T5 (hydrocooling + CaCl2 + wax) proved best to retain the maximum anthocyanin while as among harvest dates (H3 ) late harvested apple retained the maximum anthocyanin content. After 100 days of storage apples harvested at (H2 ) remained the best with respect to sensory color scores. Among different treatments T1 recorded the minimum 

S. A. Ganai
H. Ahsan
I. A. Wani
A. A. Lone
S. A. Mir
S. M. Wani
International Food Research Journal