Cranberries August 2010

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nass_logo.gifThe forecast for the 2010 cranberry crop is 7.35 million barrels, up 6 percent from 2009. If realized, this will be the second largest production on record. Production forecasts are up from last year in Massachusetts and Wisconsin but down in New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington.

Production in Wisconsin is forecast at 4.35 million barrels, up 10 percent from 2009. If realized, this will be the second largest production level on record for Wisconsin. Much of the crop has progressed ahead of normal this season. Minimal winter damage was reported. An early spring and warm, humid days have kept the crop in good condition.

The Massachusetts cranberry forecast is 1.95 million barrels, up 7 percent from 2009. Above average temperatures during June and the first half of July aided pollination. However, some growers indicated that above average temperatures combined with lack of moisture have reduced the potential of this year’s crop.

New Jersey expects a crop of 530,000 barrels, down 5 percent from 2009. Some growers expressed concerns of potential sun scalding of fruit due to above normal temperatures. However, the crop was generally in good condition with no unusual problems reported.

The Oregon cranberry forecast is 385,000 barrels, down 10 percent from last year. Freezing temperatures damaged buds in December, followed by a cold and wet spring that delayed the crop.

The Washington crop is forecast at 135,000 barrels, 16 percent below last year. The crop has experienced very poor growing conditions. A wet, cold spring resulted in poor pollination and small berry size.