Develop a Transplant Production Action Plan

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What is an Action Plan? A detailed set of steps to accomplish a goal. The steps of what to do include who is responsible for doing them and a place to note when the action was done.
GOAL: Increase the production and purchasing of local, fresh, diverse vegetables to provide good food, jobs, and to improve the local economy and personal health.
Why use transplants?

  • Allow selection of the strongest seedlings for growing on;
  • Shorten crop field time, which allows earlier marketing and production of longer season crops in northern areas with short field seasons (season extension);
  • Shorten crop field time, which allows more time for soil management and building soil organic matter with cover crops and green manures;
  • Provide a very uniform plant density which helps provide more predictable yields;
  • Allow a larger plant to survive predation by insects, give a head start in the field;
  • Provide uniform coverage and faster ground cover thereby reducing weeds;
  • Have very uniform plant spacing to facilitate precision cultivation;
  • Provide quick rotations and succession replanting so multiple harvests are possible;
  • Provide more reliable harvest and predictable harvest dates throughout the season;
  • Allow efficient use of seed resources since thinning is not required;
John Biernbaum
MSU Horticulture and Student Organic Farm