Discovery Learning About Cocoa

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This introductory manual aims to give some basic information on the options available towards ecologically sound cocoa production. It is aimed at agricultural extension, farmers groups, university students and others involved in farmer participatory cocoa IPM. The manual provides illustrated technical information on major cocoa pests and basic discovery learning exercises and field experiments.
The manual consists of three major parts: Part I provides a general introduction to the crop. Part II covers the technical background on the biology and management of some major key pests, linked to a set of farmer participatory exercises in Part III. Many of these exercises have been field-tested for cocoa.
An introductory manual such as this one will have global relevance, but is not intended to be comprehensive. The described cocoa pests were selected for their regional or global impact on cocoa productivity. The exercise protocols should be viewed as guidelines and sources of inspiration rather than as rigid instructions. They can and should be adapted to local conditions, depending on available materials, prevalent pest problems, local knowledge and experience within the farming community.

Janny G. M. Vos
Barbara J. Ritchie
Julie Flood
CABI Bioscience